Sunday, April 7, 2019

Synchronicity with Animal House-John Belushi(SNL) today-810th and 811th episodes of SNL connect to Mary Poppins

Claires ear was infected because of her earring and she wanted my mom to clean it and not Jasmine. I took her up to my parents house earlier and figured I'd take a picture of that movie Road Trip sitting on the counter too. 
Anyway Claire started playing with a bead kit thing my mom has and made me a bracelet. At first it said what I thought was "Yah" because she spelled "Hay" wrong and backwards. I said what are you calling me "God" and then my mom explained it's supposed to be "Hey" so she fixed it. Right as I as my mom was telling me about this I hear the TV yell "HEY!" and I look up to the movie Animal House on. 
It's funny because John Belushi also a Saturday Night Live person. Also remember how Matt Guitar Murphy died last year and it was connected to the Blues Brothers who also have Donald "Duck" Dunn on bass. 

Just before all of this I was telling my mom about why I took the picture of Road Trip and the Duck theme and how it seems to sync to August 10th. She just turns off when I start telling her though as it just doesn't even seem to amaze her when I tell her about these syncs, but how's that different than almost everyone else lol. 

Looking at John Belushi I see he started SNL in season 3 in which it talks about a fight between Chevy Chase and Bill Murray. I'm bringing this up because remember I got the comment the other day on Mollie Tibbetts and also about Bill Murray.....Bill Murray also on yet another connection to SNL with it all. 
If that person would do any research before commenting they would have realized Bill Murray is currently 68 years old. 
Belushi important to Dan Aykroyd as well and combine with Bill Murray makes me think of "Ghostbusters" again. 
Also Bill Murray in the film "Scrooged" always reminds me of Scrooge McDuck. 

I wonder who is going to Host SNL on August 10th this year? Plus think about Tisha B'Av and how it begins on Saturday Night August 10th. 
I haven't watched SNL much since I was probably in High School so I'm lacking on my knowledge of what is going on a bit. 

It is interesting how the 810th and 811th episodes of SNL star Lin Manuel Miranda and then Emily Blunt.....both who were the Stars of Mary Poppins Returns.....these SNL episodes were in 2016 and that film didn't come out until the end of 2018. 
October 10th even 10/8 or 8/10...these were both before the Indians lost to the Cubs in the WS and Trump elected. 

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