Monday, April 29, 2019

Dale Earnhardt Jr. to tribute his father at the Darlington Xfinity Race on 8/31/19-Chase Elliott wins Talladega

Dale Earnhardt Jr. is going to drive his fathers First Cup Scheme in the Darlington Xfinity Race. 
Notice this race is 4 months and 4 days from today. 
Dale Jr. is currently 44 years old. 
His mother just died of "Cancer"=44

Notice Dale Sr.'s debut race was also in Charlotte...a big piece to what I have been talking about. 
His debut will be 44 years ago on 5/25/19 too haha. 
This race will be 194 days after the anniversary of Dale Sr. dying. 
Ralph Dale Earnhardt Jr=194
Just like how his mother died 194 days after his bday. 
Better yet is that Chase Elliott won at Talladega today. Chase sometimes drives the # 8 car(this same car) in the Xfinity for JR Motorsports. 

Chase Elliott's bday is 49 days after Dale Jr.'s bday. 
Dale Jr.'s mother died 4 month 9 days before the race on 8/31. 
Dale Sr. died on the 49th day of the year at the age of 49. 
The Cup Series began in the year 49'. 

8/31 is also the anniversary of the 1886 Charleston Earthquake...the biggest recorded East Coast Earthquake in the US. 
Darlington is also in South Carolina..."Earthquake"=44

Also it's the 22nd anniversary of Princess Diana dying in FRANCE...Nascar founded by Bill France...
49th prime is 227....which is important to France starting on August 10th 2019. 
Darlington=227(Franc Baconis)
Darlington Raceway=82
Nascar=82(Francis Bacon)
Chase Elliott's bday is 82 days before the anniversary of Dale Sr dying as well. 

Chase Elliott=48
The big number in connection to the WALL symbolism. 
Tyler Reddick won the Xfinity race at Talladega on Saturday too. Notice his bday of 1/11. 
Nascar=111(Franc Baconis)
Dale Earnhardt=111
Bill France=82 and died 111 days before his bday age 82. 
JD Gibbs died age 49 on 1/11. (Denny Hamlin 11 riddle/Daytona win).
Plus Kyle Busch drives for Joe Gibbs. 

Tyler Reddick=134
8/31 is 134 days(end date) before his next bday. 


  1. 8/31 is the Islamic New Year. It will be 1440 days after Pope Francis touched down in the U.S. and the day Islam turns 1440 lunar years old.

  2. Great work Dan. 4/30 yesterday. There was a shooting at a school in Charlotte. A lot of 2s mentioned. Could be something you would be interested in.

    1. Joey Logano #22 just visited the White House, for his 2018 Championship celebration of last season.