Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Alex Trebek replaced Lynn Swann on "To Tell The Truth"-Lori Loughlin USC-Cheers-Cliff-White Men Can't Jump Jeopardy

I was reading more about Alex Trebek a minute ago as last night I made a video about Jeopardy... then posted it earlier after work. 
Would you look at that...Alex Trebek became the first person in broadcast history to host 3 American Game Shows at the same time....he did so after he took over for LYNN SWANN as host on "To Tell The Truth"...
It's hilarious as I knew there was a reason someone commented on my old video in regards to LYNN/LYLE Swann. 
Lynn Swann=37 and he was born on 3/7. 
He's currently 67 years old...and his bday was 67 days after Fred Ward's 76th bday.(Lyle Swann)

Lynn Swann is the current AD at USC as well and claims he didn't know about the Admissions Scandal that involved Lori Loughlin's daughter at USC. 

It's seems to me that someone or something has been giving me help in understanding these things for a long time. They are using old things I talk about and perfectly placing events such as strange comments that I will notice to guide me in how these things are related.. 

An interesting name for a game show as well in regards to what I am trying to do and understand with all of this knowledge as well...
To Tell The Truth...

It's also interesting thinking about my Synchroncity with Cheers/Woody Harrelson not too long ago. A major piece other than basketball within White Men Can't Jump is when Gloria goes on Jeopardy and they finally get ahead in life. 
Foods that start with the letter "Q"...

There is also an episode of Cheers where CLIFF goes on Jeopardy called "What is...CLIFF Clavin?"
How awesome is that..

Gonna think about this stuff.... I have to learn 3 new songs before I go to bed, but I want to look at the Charlotte shooting today as well..pry won't get a good look for a few days as I'll be gone all day tomorrow.  


  1. Dan, Omaha Beach was scratched from the KD race today. Any insight on your Nebraska riddle?

  2. http://www.espn.com/horse-racing/story/_/id/26650273/derby-favorite-omaha-beach-scratched-race