Thursday, April 18, 2019

New discovery in the gematria of Alabama/Amberly Barnett

I clicked on an article last night about a guy shooting himself because of a gun in the diaper bag. I'm just now reading it...anyway I saw he was from Alabama and I noticed something I didn't before. 
Remember how the Amberly Barnett story was all about her..I got trolled like crazy on that video. 
Amberly Barnett=310(Franc Baconis)
It's just funny as this was right around the time of Luke Perry dying that was all about 310. 
Plus the 276 connected to the Big Bang Theory stuff...

In regards to my last blog post about a comment on the Exorcism video...this is why I don't trust a lot of comments. People reaching out to me, and still haven't got a response. Kind've like the guy who was going to send me stuff about Brandon Bourbon and wanted to be anonymous and then quit talking to me...or the Price is Right guy wanting me to get ahold of him asap the day before the Vegas shooting where he was from. Or the Solarius/YesEthan guy or the Galatic Wacko many instances..

Timothy Smith=64
Vestavia Hills Alabama=64
This story comes 1 month 1 day before the anniversary of Chuck E Cheeses. 
11th prime is 31...."Alabama"=31
A lot of similar stories going on...this guy shoots today the ex Peru president shoots himself and dies. 
Alan Garcia=417(satanic)..dies on 4/17. 


  1. Dude what if the Lions go to the Super Bowl next year. Someone mentioned on Zach's show last night 150 days from start of season to Super Bowl 54

  2. Death Valley Stadium. Clemson Tigers.