Friday, April 5, 2019

The Duck Theme and how it Relates to my recent Saturday Night Live/Duck Sync Post-Pink-516, 519-Teen Wolf-919-August 10th-Mary Poppins-Finger/Freddy/Freddy Got Fingered

Yesterday I blogged about the synchronicity I had at my friend Cody's house with the Duck theme. I was telling him about the Duck theme and went pee...and then he started watching Jimmy Fallon and Emilio Estevez came out on stage. 
I documented a whole bunch of stuff...
I noticed that it happened 5 months 16 days before Jimmy Fallon's bday on 9/19. 
It was for "Alec Baldwin"=86, 516 birthday. 
I had just started seeing 516 when I had synchronicity with a guy who looked like "John C. Reilly"=516 and the guys name also 516. 
Also when I discovered the connections with Francis Bacon Gematria/the Big Bang Theory it was a lot to do with 516. 
I had previously documented about Season 5 episode 16 of the Big Bang Theory. I also made another video on the date of 5/16 about the Big Bang Theory. The final episode that is going to be aired will be on 5/16 this year. 

Zach's "Porn Hack"=516 and was 5 months 16 days before the Harvest Moon on 9/14 in which he might be giving a lecture in Philadelphia for Anarchdelphia. 
New York has area codes of 516 and 914 right next to each other. 

Anyway since it was connected to Will Ferrell, Alec Baldwin, Jimmy Fallon...I wondered if it was something to do with Saturday Night Live.....Sam just text me a bit ago telling me his original Duck post involved Will Ferrell and Duck Sauce. 
Duck Sauce=516(Jewish)
So I went back and looked at the post....Remember this is where the Duck Theme began too. I saw his video about a Duck Theme on 5/19 and I realized the only movie I watched that day was The Mighty Ducks 3. Also someone had recently told me I look like Fulton on the Mighty Ducks. 
Remember I also talked about the Duck Bus Crash on the Aurora Bridge in Seattle with all of that as well. 
Aurora Bridge=519(Jewish)
Just funny as I also randomly covered the Jeff Bezo's Divorce story yesterday too that involves Seattle. 
Seattle Mariners are Sam's favorite baseball team and remember last year my friend Cody left a Seattle Mariners hat in my car...yet he's a Cubs fan. 

Think how we had the Aurora Illinois shooting on 2/15.
Saturday Night Live=215 also 810(satanic)
May Sixteenth=215(FB)
We also had the Jussie Smollet story come back on that day and his first film was The Mighty Ducks. 
Waynes World set in Aurora, Illinois. 
I also just documented about the guy saying he was Aurora boy named Timmothy Pitzen. That story involved Bridges as well. 
The Mighty Ducks=173
Aurora, Illinois=173
I also had the Youtube Strike on 2/15 that was about the Breakfast Club that was released on 2/15. That film has Emilio Estevez and also Molly Ringwald who was synced up to the Pink/Duck symbolism with John Hughes/Goldberg the Goalie/Duck Boat Drowning. 
Pinky Finger=519

My Youtube strike expires on 5/16 too. 
Remember just days before we got a story in the mainstream about the Duck Bus Crash of 2015 again too. 
Also think about Donald Trump saying he was Batman at the Iowa State Fair in a helicopter. I've talked about how that syncs up to Slipknot performing at the Iowa State Fair on 8/10 this year. 
Batman...Aurora Shooting...I even mentioned this in my original post on Sam's video about the Duck theme. 

Think how I've also mentioned Teen Wolf again and Kevin Garnett's bday is 5/19. 
University of Nebraska founded on 2/15 during Lupercalia which another reason why the Fred Hoiberg story is important. 
It's also why they brought back the Jerry Sandusky Story because it was important to Chris Farley(SNL) who was born on 2/15. 
The WOLF symbolism...The Wolf Moon this year was 202 days before 8/10....San Francisco=202

I've mentioned a lot with 310 as well...if you go from 5/19 to 3/10 it's 9 months 19 days.  Like Jimmy Fallon's bday. 

I also noticed another interesting thing with August 10th in relation to 9/19/19....Notice it's 1 month 9 days before 9/19/19. 
Nineteen=86 and 516

It's also interesting in regards to Queen Elizabeth being connected to 9/19...notice that her 92nd bday was 516 days before 9/19/19. 

Also interesting that 5/16 is 86 days before the August 10th which is Rocky Colavito's 86th bday. 

It's funny too because someone today kept messaging me on my Molly Tibbetts videos...also the old ladies at work were talking about a movie where these guys fight with Glow in the dark condoms on...they were fighting with their Weiners...they didn't know what the film was called and I went to look it up on Yahoo and the top story was about Anthony Weiner(misspelled Weinder though)...Notice when I talked about 2/15 Duck stuff the video right after was about Anthony Weiner. 
Remember they had a Lorena Bobbitt Story in the media on 2/15 as well. Then we got an Anthony Weiner being released story a few days later. 

Mollie Tibbetts=215(reverse) and 215(Francis Bacon) also 516(primes)
No doubt I got them messages for a reason as well. 
P.S. There is for sure an I-29 in Iowa. It literally goes from South Dakota all the way to Missouri. 
Mollie also born in San Francisco supposedly. 
They also commented on a video about Bill Murray/Sandy Hook....Bill Murray=276(rev franc baconis) 

Level One Sex Offender=211
Anthony David Weiner=211
This story comes 47 days after he was released from prison. 
47th prime is 211
He also originally plead guilty on 5/19 in 2017. 

That movie they were referring to was called "Skin Deep". Notice it's a Blake Edwards film....he's the guy famous for the PINK Panther and also can you believe he was married to Mary Poppins(Julie Andrews) for 41 years before he died? No doubt that conversation was supposed to happen. 

The Dr. Phil episode with Will Ferrell is an episode in which Tom Green is the host. Now this sticks out for a couple of reasons. 
Tom Green....FREDDY got FINGERED. 
Remember how the Freddy/Finger symbolism was connected to the Pink/Duck symbolism? Even my Uncle Freddy is born on 8/10 and I had synchronicity with the new lady at work and her twin sons. Which is how she knows my Uncle Freddy. 

Michael Thomas Green=310
I never call him this but interesting "Samuel Moores"=310(Franc Baconis)

Also my laptop crashed the day after I had a bunch of synchronicity with Finger and the band Finger 11. 

Also Youtube changing my Indians Thumbnail about Trevor Bauer/Terry Francona finger stuff to a picture of Father was 624 days after I put that Father Howard pic online on a video...The 624 I swear is showing me August 10th with Rocky Colavito. 
Notice "Pinky Finger"=186(FB) and 215(RFB)

The Pink symbolism really started with Fingerlings/The Number 23 and the name Fingerling too. 

The only other film I remember Tom Green in is the film Road Trip. Notice it came out on 5/19....also the main character is Breckin Meyer who I remember is one of the kids who dies on Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare. I'm pretty sure he's the Powerglove kid. 
Anyway I know this is important because some guy my dad works with gave him this DVD a long time ago. It's odd because my dad rarely even watches TV let alone a DVD..I don't think he even knows how to run the DVD player even....Needless to say this DVD is still sitting on the counter at his house and he still has not watched it. Remember how my dad was synced to the Drowning symbolism that lead back into the Goldberg/Duck Boat Drowning? His license plate even has 624 on it. He was even synced to the FIU Bridge Collapse with my dream and what not. 
Father=310(eng ext)
Also the film Road Trip has the Bridge Collapse and the whole point of the film is a Road Trip to AUSTIN...Remember the Austin Bomber and the Pink Gloves. 

I'm getting ready to end the post and I look up at the TV and Steve Harvey yells.."Finger...or Hand" right as I look at the TV. Notice the team had 135 points after that answer too. 
Golden Gate Bridge=135
If that bridge ever collapses I'm sure a lot of people will Drown. 
Of course Steve Harvey=202(fb) and born on 1/17 the bridge number...just like "Jim Carrey"=202(fb)


  1. Finally got around to glancing at Nipsy Nobody. The takeaway is that he is half Eritrean small country immediately North of Ethiopia. From Eritrea's wikipage: "The country is also the alleged resting place of the Ark of the Covenant, and the purported home of the Queen of Sheba" Eritrea and Ethiopia have this in common. This fits in with the Moses theme. Just look how close these countries are to the Red Sea.

  2. Remember the 94s i told you about. The first mention of the ark in the New Testament is Hebrews 9:4

  3. The other New Testament verse is Revelation 11:19. Both verses are 152 letters and 35 words.

  4. Revelation 11:19 is the 194th verse of Revelation

  5. 516 BC is considered the starting point of the building of the 2nd temple. All this marathon coding I believe has to do with the Battle of Marathon which was fought by Persian King Darius I. he's mentioned in Zechariah and was the premier ruler following Cyrus the Great. Believe Zach mentioned the 71 years. First temple said to have been destroyed in 587 BC 71 years later would be 516.

  6. "then Darius I of Persia became king (522 BCE). In the second year of this monarch the work of rebuilding the temple was resumed and carried forward to its completion,[8] under the stimulus of the earnest counsels and admonitions of the prophets Haggai and Zechariah. It was ready for consecration in the spring of 516 BCE, more than twenty years after the return from captivity. The Temple was completed on the third day of the month Adar, in the sixth year of the reign of King Darius, amid great rejoicings on the part of all the people[9] although it was evident that the Jews were no longer an independent people, but were subject to a foreign power"

    1. If Trump is Darius this date would correspond to February 15th, 2021 (3rd of Adar in his 6th year). if trump is Cyrus then completion of the temple could be a ways off assuming they're following the same timelin.

  7. Dude, 5/16 is 9/11 on the Hebrew and Islamic Calendars this year. Ramadan is always the ninth month of the Islamic Calendar and the royal baby was born on the first day of Ramadan. The top story for Ramadan is about Enes Kanter