Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Comment on my Exorcism video explained-Aleister Crowley

So the person who commented about their dad being the mayor messaged me back. Apparently it's a younger girl which would explain why she's seemingly impossible to find on the net. Her dad is only the same age as me...36 years old. 
Anyway her dad was the mayor, just not the current mayor. 
I do believe her as well considering I have many mutual friends with her parents and reading from the comments she does exist. 
I'm trying to figure out if she commented because she saw my Nipsey Hussle video in connection to this story or not...

The thing that I find interesting though is that I stumbled upon the other guy who was in a Satanic Cult Family supposedly because of this. It's also connected to the town in which a famous Exorcism took place. 
36th Triangular is 666. 
Her dads bday also is 10/12 which is interesting..
It's the big number connected to my Uncle Barney/Knights of Columbus....but also it's Aleister Crowley's bday. 
Crowley also died 10 months 12 days before his bday. 
Emma Schmidt=310(Jewish)
Edward Crowley=310(Franc Baconis)his real name..
It's also interesting that Crowley died age 72 and this year on 12/1 it will be the 72nd anniversary of this death. 
72 names of God and so on...

It's also interesting that the town was founded by "Albert J. Earling"=624(satanic)
The number connected to 8/10. 


  1. To me the important date with the Sri Lanka event is the date it became a Republic May 22nd 1972. Nikki Haley was also born in '72. Remember Caroline Kennedy joined the board at Boeing on August 10th, 2017. August 10 is World Lion Day every year. Nikki Haley was nominated to join on February 26th and is up for election on April 29th. Boeing central to these 737 crashes of course. May 22nd is the mirror date to 8/11. (223/142). May 22nd is the heliacal setting of Sirius for San Francisco's latitude. It will be 666 months after the JFK assassination. May 22nd, 2017 was the day Trump visited the Western Wall in Jerusalem and the same day of the Ariana Grande concert attack in London.

  2. that was 122 days into trump's presidency but also 122 days after Nikki Haley's 45th birthday which makes me think of London Breed turning 45 on 8/11.

  3. P.S. Saturn goes retrograde on April 29th

  4. P.P.S. April 29th has 72 date numerology

  5. Yet another nugget. She was born 123 days into a Saturn retrograde and 123 days before 5/22/1972 AND 5+22+19+72 = 118!!

  6. "The Lesser Key Of Solomon" also lists "72 Chief Spirits Of The Goetia"