Friday, April 5, 2019

My Computer crash in regards to "Pi"-The Cat Theme-Some random things in FB ciphers

I was thinking about my computer crash back in October and how it was about "Pi". Remember I was looking up Y2K or 7 2 2 and then I saw an article about Klay Thompson just before it crashed. 
I recently talked about the 76ers in connection to the Wolf stuff and I just heard someone call into the Gematria effect talking about the 76ers vs the Warriors. Zach mentioned Curry's bday of Pi day or 3/14...
So "Klay Alexander Thompson"=314
Curry born on 3/14
Kevin Durant=314(Rev Franc Baconis) and 276(Franc Baconis)

So I'm still listening to the Gematri Effect and I hear the caller mention Twinkle Twinkle Little Star...It's just funny as earlier Claire played that song on Alexa and I randomly suggested the song "The Cat Came Back" to see if she liked it. Now I'm seeing my post is talking about our cat Cloud coming back after being gone for a month. 

The guy who wrote The Cat Came Back...
Harry Miller=276(franc bac) and 314(rev franc bac)

It makes me think the CAT theme is coming back up. 
Remember just before my Uncle Barney died my Moms cat was missing as well and eventually they found him and brought him back too. 
Seriously Claire just jumped off the couch as I'm writing this and started yelling at the Cat Cuddles for attacking her kitten. 

Remember my first ever cat was named "Simba"...just in regards to 8/10 and World Lion Day. 
The Lion King=202(Francis Bacon)

The Pink/Duck symbolism all began with Synchronicity saying "There You Go" to my Cat too. 

Three Hundred Ten=314(rev Francis B)
August Tenth=310(Franc Baconis) and 208(Francis Bacon)
Francis Bacon=208(Franc Baconis)
Young Sheldon=328(rev franc baconis)
The Big Bang Theory=328(Franc Baconis)
Jim Parsons=186(Francis Bacon)
Johnny Galecki=186(Francis Bacon)


  1. Check it out. Bezos' Company "Blue Origin" turns 969 weeks old today. Theyre supposed have their first passenger carrying spaceflight this year. Their motto is Gradatim Ferociter = 1331 trigonal 224 Francis Bacon. Blue Origin = 112 like his bday and 422 Jewish. 4/22 the 112th day.

    1. AND today is a New Moon. Get ready for the New Bezos. Here comes Rocket Man.

    2. Founded 9/8/2000. September 8tb I believe you mentioned is the supposed birthday of Mary