Thursday, April 25, 2019

Ken Kercheval who played "Cliff" on Dallas dies age 83

Yet again another story involving "Cliff". This story was on the headlines a bit ago. 
I forgot about the connection to "Cheers"....I talked about the connection to "Norm"...but now I'm reminded of CLIFF. 

Famous for the show "Dallas" which is famous for "Cliffhangers"...

Wikipedia even tells us of his famous film with Sylvester Stallone called "FIST". 
Stallone in the film "Cliffhanger". 

It's funny as I was going to rewatch this film the other night because of the "Cliff" stuff I kept seeing. I fell asleep and forgot about it. His name is Gabriel in the film and it also has "Leon Robinson" in it....maybe I need to watch it. 

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