Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Jeopardy craze of James Holzhauer winning over $1 million

I saw this guy on TV at the bar yesterday after work. We are remodeling the store and the owner bought us beer and food after work. I looked up and saw this guy had a ton of money in which I had never seen anyone win that much on the show. Now I'm seeing this article that he's been killing it on the show winning massive amounts each show. 
This immediately seems fishy to me however. The guy was on "The Chase" and "500 Questions" prior to this. Plus his wife was on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire"? I've been saying since Cindy Stowell that some of these candidates are put on the rigged show on purpose. 
Plus he's a professional sports bettor? haha
He makes wagers based on his family's bdays....
Reminds me of Terry Kniess who got the perfect showcase on the Price is Right. Who added 743 to his wager because of his anniversary on 4/7 and his wife's bday month of March(3). 
Of course many people do this all the time for the rigged powerball/mega millions, but it makes me wonder about this.  

It's also interesting Terry Kniess and this guy are from the Las Vegas area. 

I can't find all the details on this guy, but when I do I'll make a better post. My thoughts on this are exactly what I've been saying since around November. There is something important to Montagraph and Zach's car crash synced up to the Pig Year and me. I was covering Cindy Stowell who had Stage 4 cancer on Jeopardy at this time and finally gaining more subs/views and people's interest in Gematria. Then everything was flipped and we later had a big awakening in regards to Reverse Gematria...then later the significance of other ciphers. 
Now we have Alex Trebek with Stage 4 Cancer and this guy rocking makes me wonder if the whole August 10th/11th script is going to be flipped or some other type of awakening in regards to this knowledge is going to happen? It makes me think that in the months following August 10th/11th we are going to get a better understanding of how this knowledge works. 

James Holzhauer's first game was on 4/4 as well which is fitting in regards to Alex Trebek and cancer. 
It was also the 94th day of the year. 


  1. Game shows, and "reality" show are definitely fake. I use to work with a lady who told me her niece was on The Bachelor. She said her niece was a Reality T.V. actress and had been on other shows, and was already booked to be on others after The Bachelor.

  2. Zach was born in the Chinese Year of Pig (Month of Sheep or Horse depending on his day of birth). Supposedly, though this hasn't happened to me personally when I examine years back, the animal year you are born brings bad luck to you. In other words, every twelve years will not be such a good year for yourself, supposedly, according to the Chinese, which I haven't found to be true so far.

  3. If you were born in 1982, you are Chinese Year of Water Dog. You like to talk a lot. You said your birthday is November 6? Correct? Chinese Month of Pig.