Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Seeing 701 Today-Bismarck North Dakota in the 701 area code-310

Earlier tonight we took Claire Bowling. I stopped at the gas station to put 5 dollars in gas in, but I wasn't paying attention and I pumped $7.01. I then went inside to make sure Jasmine was paying and what not as she had went in while I was pumping. Jasmine was at the front counter and she was like really Dan? It was because I pumped $7.01 and she hates when I put an odd amount in. A second later Jasmine's mom who works at the store noticed the PINK Lemonade Jasmine was buying had chunks floating in it. So Jasmine didn't get it...but right as she noticed the chunks in the PINK Lemonade I looked at the clock behind her that said "7:01" and I was funny you are giving me crap at getting $7.01 in gas then something about PINK gets mentioned and I see the clock and it's 7:01. It's like Pink is always a catalyst that helps me see the connection...

So we are finally home and I'm sitting here wondering what 701 means and I can't really figure it. I wondered if maybe it's something to do with the 701 area code as I've recently been checking them. 
I see it's the area code for Bismarck, North stands out to me because today someone asked me for a donut at work. They couldn't think what it was called and finally realized it was a "Bismarck"...I told them, I really don't know my donuts either and made some dumb joke about Bismarck, North now I see this area code showing me this....
Bismarck North Dakota=310
Oh the odds. 
 I wonder if there's something important to the Dakota Access Pipeline stuff coming up or something with the Dakota's? We will see...Remember there was the connection to Harrisburg HS in Sioux Falls when I had the SNL synchronicity with my friend Cody. 

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