Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Ken Jennings Streak of Jeopardy-James Holzhauer wins by $18 on his 18th day-Baseball connection

I figured with the Jeopardy craze I would look at Ken Jennings again considering I didn't know Reverse Gematria back in 2016. 
Ken Jennings=50, 122, 175(reverse)
Jeopardy=122(reverse), 40
Notice he lost on Jeopardy 175 days before his bday. 
He lost to "Nancy Zerg"=50 and 40(reverse)

It's also interesting that Jennings has held the record for most money won for 14 years. 
Many streaks in sports seem to end at 14...Now James Holzhauer can possibly surpass him. The Sports bettor who only won by 18 dollars today on his 18th episode. 
Adam Levin=162(reverse)
James Holzhauer=162
Notice Levin also involved in sports..sports information director..
It makes me think of baseball because of the 162...and 18..
Baseball=18, 162
MLB=18, 162
Major League Baseball=162
Play 162 regular season games. 

Possibly nothing but I want to note that Levin is from Massachusetts and today the Boston(Massachusetts) team won with a score of 9 to 4...
Ken Jennings won in 2004 and lost 34 days after the Red Sox won the world series and broke the curse of the Bambino. 
His first episode was 147 days before the Red Sox won the WS..."World Series"=147

Holzhauer today also said, "Vegas Strong" and wagered a bet in connection to the Vegas Shooting today. 
Vegas Strong=147, 150
World Series=147, 150

This year is also the 150th year of professional baseball. 

Also today being 155 days before the annivesary of the Vegas Shooting is interesting in regards to the Red Sox playing the Athletics today too. 
Oakland Athletics=155
Just thinking about the 8/11 Riddle with the Bay Area..1989 World Series...
Think about Sports Bettor/sports info director too in regards to Athletics in general. 
The Playoffs begin on the anniversary of the Vegas Shooting too. 

We'll see how it plays out...I'm interested to see what this Holzhauer guys bday is and when he loses...Also if Alex Trebek dies how it will all play together. 
Adam Levin=810(Jewish)

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