Wednesday, April 24, 2019

John William King Executed in Texas for 1998 Murder of James Byrd Jr.

John William King is executed 44 days before the annivesary of killing James Byrd Jr. 
James Byrd Jr=44
June Seventh=44
Rockies=44(Hat in all the pictures I've seen)

He was 44 years old when he got executed too. 

King died 193 days before his bday. 
The 44th prime number is 193. 

It was also 172 days after his 44th bday. 
James Byrd Jr.=44, 172

Another guy was executed in 2011 for this killing. Notice he was executed age 44 as well. 

Lawrence Russell Brewer=114
It's interesting as James King executed on the 114th day of the year and it's also 1 month 14 days before the anniversary of the murder. 

Lawrence Brewer also died 193 days after his 44th bday. 
44th prime is 193. 

Brewer executed 44 days before King's bday. 
Also 1 month 14 days. 

The 3rd guy who isn't going to be executed is even 44 years old right now haha. 


  1. This and the Shepherd gay man murder are the two events that brought in the terms "hate speech" and brought about the hate crimes law. Aren't all crimes crimes of hate? At any rate, realize those who be used minorities (underdogs) to institute more law to cover law we already have, and now we hear the term "hate speech" to manipulate and crucify anyone who speaks a differing opinion. The entirety of it all is to undermine the 1st Amendment. If they cannot take away our rights openly, they will get around it through other measures.