Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Ben Franklin Bridge-Philadelphia-Death of Neil Young's ex wife and the upcoming Harvest Moon-Francis Bacon-French Republic-September Equinox

I just got time to get on the computer and the first thing I see is a comment about the Benjamin Franklin Bridge in Philadelphia. I've documented about Ben Franklin and this bridge multiple times in the past. 
The chief engineer even named "RALPH". 
I've also pointed out that Ben Franklin is perfect for Bridge coding as he was born on 1/17 and died on 4/17. 
Bridge=117 and 107(Jewish)
4/17 the 107th day. 
San Francisco California=417(Franc Baconis)

The only real reason I'm posting this is because of the Gematria of "Benjamin Franklin Bridge"=276(Francis Bacon). 
Remember the Big Bang Theory info is about the 276th episode. 

Also I want to add this info in here as well. It's similar to 276, but 267. 
Zach might be going to Philadelphia for Anarchdelphia that's happening during the Harvest Moon on 9/14. 
The Harvest Moon is also the Corn Moon and 2/15 is important to Nebraska. Think about Nebraska/Corn/Midwest/Thanksgiving too. 
215 and 267 are Philadelphia area codes....
I just talked about Fred Hoiberg/Philadelphia/Teen Wolf last night too. 

This might be different for someone else but when I think of Harvest Moon I instantly think of Neil Young. He has the song and Album called "Harvest Moon"...also on the "Philadelphia" Soundtrack. Also wrote a song for the Keystone Pipeline....Pennsylvania the Keystone state....that Pipeline stuff was connected to the Dakotas, Nebraska, Iowa and so on...

Harvest Moon the Album came out on 11/2 which was the 103rd anniversary of the Dakotas becoming a state. Also the day the 112th WS came to an end with the Indians losing. 
Notice it's Neil Young's 19th album too....this is the year 19. 
Trump used Neil Young...Rockin in the Free World when he announced he was running for president. 

The song Harvest Moon was also a tribute to Neil Young's ex-wife Pegi Young who just died on New Years day 2019. Funny how in that post I mentioned the Benjamin Franklin Bridge as well. Just so random as I didn't even mean to put the Facebook stuff in this post....I just figured I would because I just discovered that "Golden Gate Bridge"=267(Franc Baconis) while beginning this post. Then I figured I'd put the whole Facebook post in here. 

Notice the song Harvest Moon was also used in the film "A Quiet Place"....This only sticks out because earlier today I got a message about Mary Poppins. I went and watched the video they were referring to and it was a video about Emily Blunt..who plays Mary Poppins in Mary Poppins Returns. 
She is also the main actress in the film "A Quiet Place". 
Emily Olivia Leah Blunt=417(rev Franc Baconis)

Neil Young=122=San Francisco
Harvest Moon=202=San Francisco

Remember too that 9/14 is the day Francis Scott Key wrote the National Anthem....He's connected to the Bridge Symbolism with his bday of 8/1..also Philadelphia winning the SB in Minnesota connected to the him/Bridge....also Francis Got Key....Key of David...Church of Philadelphia. 
2019 will be the 205th anniversary of the Star Spangled Banner...."Philadelphia"=205(Jewish)

San Francisco=210
Ralph Modjeski=210(Franklin Bridge Engineer)
Ben Franklin=210(Franc Baconis)

Neil Percival Young=413(Franc Baconis)
Corn Moon=413(eng ext)
San Francisco=413(Jewish)

It's interesting in regards to the Christchurch shooting because in 2016 I talked about an Earthquake synced to the Closest Super Moon since 1948...then we got an earthquake near Christchurch on that same day.....
Then on 9/6/17 we had a Corn Moon and the next day we got a 8.1 earthquake in Mexico. 
Then on 9/19..17 we got another in Mexico City. 

Another thing in regards to Francis Bacon/Franc Baconis....If you listen to my 11 video and the Hulk Hogan/Montagraph video I wondered if there would be a big revelation in regards to Gematria...just as Reverse gematria was in I'm seeing all of these connections to events with these other 2 ciphers that I rarely used before.
 Francis Bacon born on 1/22 and died on 4/9...
San Francisco....also think about Gold/49....49ers...
William Shakespeare=239(Francis Bacon) and died age 52..
52nd prime is 239(Golden Gate)
Bacon died age 65....Philadelphia=65

I just keep finding more stuff here....but Philadelphia is important to earthquakes because of the Comcast Center with the Black Cube...
Comcast Center=276(Francis Bacon)
The Comcast Center broke ground 14 years 5 months 14 days before 9/14. 
14 5 14
5280....reminds me of how many feet are in a mile? 

Haha and someone even posted about Francis Bacon today on Zach's Facebook..only 3 hours ago. 

One last thought is that FRANCE is important to this...The French Republic was established at the time of the Autumn Equinox in which the Harvest Moon gets in name in connection to. 
This is why Pope FRANCIS' visit to the US was so important as it was at the time of the Autumn Equinox. 
When Pope Francis left the US from Philadelphia we got the 4th Blood Moon of the Tetrad, but that was also a Harvest Moon. 
The Autumn Equinox is called the 
"September Equinox"=276(rev Franc Baconis)
Autumn Equinox=310((Rev Franc Baconis)
Blood Moon Tetrad=310(rev Franc Baconis)


  1. Yea this keystone stuff is important to the Sirius coding as well since Sirius = 595 and the 595th chapter is the middle (keystone) of the Bible. SevenOne did a vid on this theme I'll include below. Also something I noticed is that Mt Rushmore is nearest to Keystone South Dakota. Also Neil Youngs middle name is Percival... Percival known for his quest to find the "Holy Grail" = 595 Jewish. There's a theory that Ethiopia is where the Ark of the Covenant (Holy Grail) is hidden. Props to SevenOne on that bit.


    2. he shows how the distance from the Gateway Arch to Space Needle is 2777km. 404th prime. Revelation. But I noticed that the line passes through the Black Hills and havent had a chance to see how close it is to Mt. Rushmore

    3. And you mention 117. middle chapter is Psalm 117

  2. A "random" one I noticed earlier today. "Soundgarden" = 122 ordinal 507 satanic the same as "Pope Francis"

    1. There's a good story with the astrology too.