Thursday, April 4, 2019

Person found wandering in Kentucky is not Timmothy Pitzen-Aurora

This is the big story on CNN right now...
Right away I think...who spells Timmothy with 2 M's? 
Timmothy Pitzen=328(Rev Franc Baconis)
How do you mistaken a 14 year old boy for a 23 year old? 
They had to make sure and let us know he was running across a BRIDGE as well. 

Interesting he was from Aurora, Illinois and went missing 205 days after his bday. 
Aurora, Illinois=205
I'm thinking about the connections to the Aurora shooting on 2/15 as well. 

The story came 5 months 16 days after his 14th bday. 
It's just numbers I keep talking about.
Brian Rini=310(eng ext) 

I was looking up the Aurora shooting again and I see there is another famous shooting in Aurora, Colorado....It was on 12/14/ fitting considering the Batman shooting was synced up to Sandy Hook on 12/14. 
I just documented about the Saturday Night Live connections too..which this story makes me think about Waynes World being set in Aurora again. 
Dana Carvey=186(franc baconis)
It has to be connected to Ross Perot with the Alec Baldwin he portrays Donald Trump...

Missing on the day leaving 74 days in the year....
Aurora, Illinois=74
Hoax=74(Francis Bacon)
Aurora=43, 74...this story comes on 4/3. 
Missing 5 months 8 days after his bday. 
4/3 is the 93rd day of the year...Saturn=93
Brian Rini is from "Medina, Ohio"=93


This story comes 47 days after the Aurora shooting. 

Brian Michael Rini=223(Fracis bacon)
Notice his bday is 223 days after Timmothy's too. 

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