Thursday, April 25, 2019

Boston Celtics legend John Havlicek dies-Nickname "Hondo" and the John Wayne Riddle

John Havlicek=118
Even his initials break down to 1-1-8.."John Joseph Havlicek". 
He dies age 79..
22nd prime is 79
Also born on the 98th day..
National Basketball Association=98

Notice too that he died 17 days after his bday. 
He was famous for wearing # 17. 
The Celtics currently have 17 championships. 

His nickname was Hondo in reference to the John Wayne film. 
John Wayne=115
Havlicek dies on the 115th day of the year. 
John Wayne also died in the year 79'  to put the top in perspective. 
Boston Celtics=611(satanic) also 48
John Wayne died on 6/11. 
4/25 to 6/11 is a span of 48 days. 
Havlicek born on 4/8. 
I see "Boston Celtics"=310(Franc Baconis)

Notice he also dies 65 years after the film came out. 

He also dies 65 days after we got the story of John Wayne being a Racist back in the media. 

Also one of the most memorable plays of John Havlicek was in the 1965 Eastern Conference Finals when he stole Hal Greer's pass and they wont he game over the 76ers. 

It's interesting Greer died exactly 1 year 11 days before him. 
The NBA Finals=111
Harold Greer=111

In light of the John Wayne connection to "65"..

I swear there has to be a riddle with Wayne being "Duke" and Duke losing to Michigan State... Could it mean the favorite will be upset? I need to think more about the John Wayne Riddle, but I'm too tired tonight to think. Would it be the Space Cowboy thing I've documented in connection to the Rockets for the last few years finally happening? 

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  1. For some reason Boston stands out this month. 111 has been standing out this month and maybe this year, and check out this Once Upon a Time in Hollywood = 111