Sunday, April 14, 2019

Luke Walton becomes KINGS head coach-Lakers looking at Monty Williams/Tyronn Lue-Philadelphia-Oklahoma

So Luke Walton does sign with the Sacramento KINGS and now the Lakers are looking to possibly sign Monty Williams the current assistant coach of Philadelphia? It will be interesting if the Lakers do get Monty Williams because it syncs up to Virginia winning the Final Four Tournament. 

Remember in 2016 Monty Williams wife died and he is from Virginia. Then we got a Virginia Plane crash during the Rio olympics in which Williams assisted coached as well. It was synced up to his wifes death. 
Also remember we got the death of OKC Thunder player Dion Waiters brother. Dion from Philadelphia. Monty was a coach of OKC at the time as well. 
We'll see what happens with the OKC Thunder and the 76ers in the coming weeks/days. 

Tyron Lue is interesting too with his connection to Nebraska/Teen Wolf...also playing with Michael Jordan when he finished his career against Philadelphia...think about Kobe being from Philadelphia too. 
Oklahoma City Thunder=223, 888(satanic)
Michael Jeffrey Jordan=888(satanic)
Jordan retired from baseball on 3/10..
Philadelphia once the capital of the country Jordan. 

In my old posts about this I mentioned Brazil a good amount too because of Monty Python/Monty Williams and Terry Gilliam. Think about the Brazil/Time Bandits/Baron Munchausen stuff I've recently mentioned.....Brazil=612 the number in connection to Earthquakes(rev 6:12). 


  1. So found out that James is the 59th chapter of the KJV.

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  3. Monty Williams went to Notre Dame, too...