Friday, April 12, 2019

Worst Earthquake in 2019 was in Ecuador-Julian Assange-Worst New York Earthquake on August 10th 1884

I was looking at the biggest Earthquakes by year and I see that Ecuador currently has the biggest in 2019...also in 2016...I'm just wondering in regards to Julian Assange and what I documented about with 2016? 

It came on the 53rd day of the year this year....just after Julian Edelman won the MVP of Super Bowl 53..They played Los Angeles...
Los Angeles=53
Patriots=53I'm also reminded of 2018 after the Eagles beat the Patriots we got the 5.3 earthquake outside of Los Angeles where they showed it shook the Eagles Nest....then we got the Eagle landing on James Paxton....

The Eagles winning was synced to the 4.1 Delaware Earthquake...
Delaware Earthquake=310

I also found this interesting...the most powerful earthquake to strike the New York City Area was on 8/10..1884. So it will be the 135th anniversary this year on 8/10. 
I mentioned the Long Island area in regards to the area codes of 914 and the Harvest Moon on 9/14...
Long Island Earthquake=914(satanic)

I see there was also a 3.0 Earthquake on 4/9/19 outside of Long Island too. 
Long Island=44, 107
Earthquake=44, 107 

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