Thursday, April 11, 2019

Johann Adam Weishaupt is 310 in Gematria

I just got back from band practice, so not much time today. 
Anyway I had one of them crazy migraines again today with the Electric Snakes in my eye and I was trying to find my old post about it. Turns out I never actually posted the post but it was on 11/25. 
I saw a few other posts around it that were about the Illuminati and Adam Weishaupt...
I noticed that "Illuminati"=150(reverse) and 239(Franc Baconis)
I thought how interesting considering I just mentioned both of these numbers in the video I posted about Kofi Kingston and so on...
Moral of the story...look at Adam Weishaupt's full name in Gematria..
Johann Adam Weishaupt=310(reverse)

It's funny too as I started writing this blog post and then decided to come upstairs and finish it on the bed because I'm tired. I just laid down on the bed and I noticed it's 1:50am. 

Something I noticed too a while back when looking at the Francis Bacon/Franc Baconis ciphers...
Dan Behrendt=188(Franc Baconis)
Bavarian Illuminati=188
Possibly nothing, but I noticed this and now seeing a sync with it because of a Migraine...Another reason I know it's important I saw an old post is because I was writing notes down at work to explain some stuff. In the notes I drew a pyramid with the eye and notes about Sirius/Horus/Dog/God. At work today I was also thinking about making Illuminati Shirts with Gematria concepts on them, because I think it catches peoples attention when they see a Pyramid/Eye especially on someone's clothes. Especially with movies and so on in which they've trained people to think it's a joke, but yet it sticks in their brain. 

Society of Jesus=239(rev Francis Bacon)
Freemasonry and Illuminati were outlawed by Charles Theodore...
Charles Theodore=310(Franc Baconis)

Who knows haha, I have to get some sleep. I know that's why I had the migraine thing again..because I sleep like 2 hours a night. 

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