Thursday, April 4, 2019

MacKenzie Bezos will keep 25 percent of Amazon Stock in divorce

MacKenzie Bezo's will keep 25 percent of Amazon stock. 
They got divorced after 25 years. 
MacKenzies bday is the 97th day of the year..
25th prime is 97. 
This story comes 82 days after Jeff Bezo's bday. 
MacKenzie Bezos=82

This story comes 86 days after they announce their divorce. 
Remember their bdays are 86 days apart. 
Remember Kroger and Microsoft teaming up against Amazon....Paul Allen died 86 days before they announced they were getting divorced...he was also from Seattle.....The story today comes on 4/4 which is the 44th anniversary of Microsoft being founded. 
Paul Allen=186(Franc Baconis)
Jeff Bezos=186(Franc Baconis)

Funny I mentioned the Duck theme again earlier today too because in my last post about this I mentioned The Goldbergs and the Kroger shooting in October. 
Think how the Duck stuff was connected to 8/6 and 86...
Seattle Washington=86

Today also 92 days before the 25th anniversary of Amazon being founded. 
Remember they announced the divorce 9 months 2 days after MacKenzies bday....also Amazon founded 9 months 2 days before her bday. 


  1. Maybe we can Afford to buy Amazon stock after all this. Zach Hubbard and Jeff Bezos both born with their Moon in the Golden Gate which is in Sagittarius. Amazon's logo is the arrow and the glyph for Sagittarius is an arrow. Zach was born at 19:19 and they're 19 years 190 days apart or 7130. Saturn = 713 Hebrew Gematria (שַׁבְתַאִי)
    713 = 23x31 the 9th and 11 primes. Also just noticed another 95 connecting Saturn to Halloween Sirius etc. Saturn is said to be 95 times the mass of Earth.

    April 10th is a date to look out for. They're releasing the first images of the Event Horizon of the Milky Way's black hole aka Sagittarius A*/Galactic Center/Golden Gate. It will be 810 days since Trump became president or his 811th day as President. The Moon will be passing through the Silver Gate just as it did on 9/11. Jupiter also will be going retrograde on April 10th. It comes out of retrograde on August 11th!!

  2. The next time the Moon passes thru the golden gate will be April 23rd. Jeff Bezos will be 20190 days old.

    1. his divorce settlement comes today 19 days before he turns 20190 days old

  3. MacKenzie Bezos = 1900 ext, 224 rev ordinal