Monday, April 22, 2019

Sri Lanka Attack possibly connected to a TIGER theme

I swear this story is connected to the TIGER/LION theme. There used to be a group called the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka that are possibly responsible? 
This just after Tiger wins the Masters. 
A Tiger attacks a Zookeeper in Kansas...
The comment on my Exorcism video with the Tiger..PS that person is for sure lying about their dad being the mayor. I asked an old lady I work with who is from Earling and she said it was Janice Gaul too. 
Remember back in February we had the story of the guys who went to smoke weed and found a Tiger? 
Napoleon Dynamite....LIGER....
Sri Lanka=59(rev red)
Plus TigerMomma has been commenting a decent amount lately haha. Not calling them out, but it's funny to me because of seeing Tiger so much lately. 

I haven't had much time in the past few days to look at anything in depth, but wanted to post this before I forget. 


  1. 255th prime is 1613........613 commandments in the Torah.

  2. LOL. I haven't even thought about my handle. Born in the Chinese Year of Tiger and have a daughter born in Chinese Year of Tiger. "Tiger" Woods was born in the Chinese Year of Rabbit or as South Asians say, "Year of Cat" (small cat).

    By the way, there have been other "tiger/lion/cat" stories even in the last few days. Check out twenty-seven decoding blog for more stories that relate.

  3. Oh, and one more thing. . . Sri Lanka has a lion pictured on their national flag.

  4. .. . and one more thing to consider. In Chinese astrology, rabbit/cat (natural element wood) and pig are best buddies, prosperous together. Tiger (natural element wood) and pig (natural element water) are also the very best of friends, as well, and quite prosperous. Tiger Woods born in Chinese Year of Rabbit/Cat winning during the Chinese Year of Pig. Notice his last name is Woods, significant to both tiger and rabbit in Chinese astrology as wood is their base element. This is the earth pig year, and wood breaks the earth. Heads up!