Wednesday, April 17, 2019

James Paxton's birthday on the 310th day of the year-Notre Dame Fan Eagle

Earlier today I got a message from someone about James Paxton being born on the 310th day of the year(Non leap).  
It's just so fitting with all the interrelated riddles. 
The Eagle landed on him and then later landed on the Notre Dame Fan. 

I wondered who the guy the eagle landed on was at the Notre Dame game...
Albert Armas=410(Jewish)
Notre Dame=410(satanic)

Notre Dame=95
The Eagle landed on Paxton on the 95th day of the year...Also 150 days after his bday. 
Philadelphia Eagles=150
Pope Francis visited Philadelphia 863 days before the Eagles won the Super Bowl...150th prime is 863. 

I've got to get some sleep, but I'm gonna continue to think about the narrative with this...


  1. Marduk = 71 ordinal like temple. Marduk = 515 Jewish. May 15th will be a 1331 day span since Francis touched down in America.
    Marduk = 755 hebrew gematria 264 Hebrew ordinal. Jupiter is at 264° right now. The only verse that mentions Marduk is Jeremiah 50:2. This verse sums to 7055 Jewish. Jupiter said to have been a representation of Marduk. The Eagle a symbol of Jupiter. You've mentioned the date 9-19-19 but maybe consider 11-19-19 as well since it is November the ninth month of the Roman Calendar. It's astrologically significant as it's the date Jupiter passes through the Golden Gate. Remember with the 410 code Jupiter went retro on 4-10 at 264° (within 3° of the Golden Gate) and comes out of retrograde August 11th at 254°.

  2. Here's the kicker from the Notre Dame wikipage: It is believed that before the period of Christianity in France, a Gallo-Roman temple dedicated to Jupiter stood on the site of Notre-Dame. Evidence for this is the Pillar of the Boatmen, discovered in 1710.

  3. Hey Dan,
    Aug.27 ...827 is the 144th prime.
    Also, Aug.27 1975 to Aug.27 2020 is 45 years like London Breeds age on 11/8 and Trump the 45th president etc.
    Also, 12.21.12 to 8.27.20 (incl.) is 401 weeks ... or 7 yrs 8 myths 7 days like 787 the 138th prime. Cheers.

  4. From the Marduk wikipage:

    "During the first millennium BC, the Babylonians worshipped a deity under the title "Bel", meaning "lord", who was a syncretization of Marduk, Enlil, and the dying god Dumuzid.[15][16] Bel held all the cultic titles of Enlil[16] and his status in the Babylonian religion was largely the same.[16] Eventually, Bel came to be seen as the god of order and destiny.[16] The cult of Bel is a major component of the Jewish story of "Bel and the Dragon" from the apocryphal additions to Daniel.[17] In the account, the Babylonians offer "twelve bushels of fine flour, twenty sheep, and fifty gallons of wine" every day to an idol of Bel and the food miraculously disappears overnight.[18] The Persian king Cyrus the Great tells the Jewish wise man Daniel that the idol is clearly alive, because it eats the food that is offered to it,[18] but Daniel objects that it "is only clay on the inside, and bronze on the outside, and has never tasted a thing."[18] Daniel proves this by secretly covering the floor of the temple with ash.[18] Daniel and Cyrus leave the temple and, when they return, Daniel shows the king the human footprints that have been left on the floor, proving that the food is really being eaten by the seventy priests of Bel."

  5. Dude can't beleive I'm just now realizing this. Daniel and the Lion's Den!!

  6. check out lord of the flies. main characters are Ralph and Piggy

  7. Someone from another video commented that this symbolizes the rise of the Phoenix from the ashes (or as many want to believe--the rise of the antichrist). We well know the eagle symbolism in our country.