Saturday, April 20, 2019

The 310 Area Code is in Los Angeles

My boss called the store today to see if I could stay late, because someone called in..of course about every Saturday this happens...but moral of the story I noticed on the caller ID that her phone number has 310 in it. 712-310-xxxx
This inspired me to look up the 310 area code and it's in Los Angeles. 
I've recently mentioned how Los Angeles is important and maybe the Earthquake symbolism is pointing to LA instead of San Francisco or Philadelphia. It wouldn't be so shocking to everyone if an earthquake hit LA...and remember in the film San Andreas the earthquake is in LA. 
Also interesting that it became the 310 code on 11/2/1991...I just documented about the North Dakota Area Code the other day...North Dakota founded on 11/2...remember it was important to the Indians being in the 112th World Series and the Dakota Access Pipeline. 
It's split off of the 213 which is important to the death of rappers....


  1. Got my first ever call from a Manhattan area code on April 18th. (212). "Manhattan" = 118 Francis Bacon

  2. Hi. Please look into Oroville Dam. Here is an article with 310 and numerous other significant numbers.

    and here is another one with significant numbers, and it all seems to be related to this year.

  3. San Franciso has two area codes one is 415 and the other is 628

    From and including: Monday, April 15, 2019
    To, but not including Friday, June 28, 2019
    Result: 74 days
    Or 2 months, 13 days excluding the end date.
    or 2 months, 1 week, 6 days = 216
    1776 hours
    10 weeks and 4 days = 104 or 14
    20.27% of 2019 = 227

    From June 28th to 8/11 is 44 days
    From and including: Friday, June 28, 2019
    To, but not including Sunday, August 11, 2019
    Result: 44 days
    Or 1 month, 14 days excluding the end date.
    1056 hours
    6 weeks and 2 days

  4. "San Francisco area code four one five" = 310 (English Ordinal)
    "San Francisco area code six two eight" = 333 (English Ordinal) 8/10 is 333rd day of the Jewish year

    Sat, 28 June 1873 = 3rd of Tamuz, 5633
    3/10 or 3/4

    Tammuz, or Tamuz, is the tenth month of the civil year and the fourth month of the ecclesiastical year on the Hebrew calendar,