Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Briar Cliff Student Falls off a Cliff and dies day before Sydney Montrose Falls off Clock Tower

Haha I'm not sure if this is close enough to a connection to the Dakota's that I just blogged about...but I went to CNN and I see a story of another college student dying in a Fall. 
She went to Briar Cliff College which is only an hour from where I live in Sioux City, Iowa....Sioux City/Sioux FALLS

So she falls off a CLIFF and went to Briar CLIFF. 
Remember they just brought back that family driving over the CLIFF story connected to Bret Hart...
That story being in California has reminded me of Cliff Eberhardt who lives in California for some reason too. Funny I see on his Facebook it says he's from Chattanooga too. 

It's a Catholic School. 
Briar Cliff=84
She died 8 months 4 days before Pope Francis' bday. 
Remember the last girl who died falling from the Clock Tower went to the Jesuit Fordham University. 
Andrea Norton actually died the day before Sydney Monfries too. 

Sydney Monfries=191
Society of Jesus=191

Andrea Norton=191(FB) and 276(Franc B)
Her birthday was the 191st day of the year. 
Briar Cliff a Franciscan school and her dying on 4/13 makes me think of "San Francisco"=413
Pope Francis I=413

Saint Francis of Assisi=310 died on 3/10. 

Andrea Norton=58, 139, 185 as well. 
Remember Sioux City is a perfect spot for the Freemasonry Connection....located at 42W and 96N. Remember the Plane Crash in 1989(Loma Prieta Earthquake) had 185 survivors. 
Freemason=42, 96
Freemasonry=58, 139, 158
Sioux City Iowa=158

She was even from Hot Springs, South Dakota. 
Notice it's in FALL River County too. 

April 13th is also important I think because it's the mirror date to 9/19. 103rd day leaving 262....Francis of Assisi died on 10/3 or 3/10..."Jesuits"=103

Also I never thought about it until now, but it would make sense for Pope Francis to live to age 84 considering he's the first Jesuit Pope. 


  1. Sekhmet = 81 ordinal (Egytian Lion Goddess)
    Venus = 81 ordinal
    419 is the 81st prime

    1. Lions are associated with the sun and fire and royalty. Tigers, too. Queen Elizabeth and other "royalty" are being messaged.

  2. Day of the Sun = Donald Trump

    The Day of the Sun is an annual public holiday in North Korea on 15 April, the birth anniversary of Kim Il-sung, founder and Eternal President of North Korea

  3. Ancient Egypt = 1300 ext
    Notre Dame Fire 1300 days after 9/23/15

  4. There was a man in Asia (I forget where) who also fell from a building on 4/14 or 4/13. Lots of falling going on.

    In regards to Day of the Sun, Your Thoughtful Airman, notice today the search for Sol Pais (sun country or country of the sun) in Colorado. So we should look to North Korea for some action. At any rate, the message seems to be to those in the know to look in the direction of North Korea or to take out someone in North Korea. "Almost 20" schools were shut down, so that cipher may help in pinpointing the message, messenger, or recipient.