Thursday, April 18, 2019

North Korea tactical weapons test on 4/17-Wall Symbolism-George and Barbara Bush-France-King Charles I married in front of Notre Dame de Paris

This story comes 48 days after the Trump-Kim summit was cut short on 2/28 in "Vietnam"=48
Of course it's also on the anniversary of Barbara Bush dying which is important because the first Summit was on George HW Bush's bday. 
Barbara Bush=48
George HW Bush=138=Donald Trump
Remember Trump addressed the nation about building the WALL on Kim Jong Un's bday. 
Donald Trump=48
They brought back the game show the Wall just after Trump won the election...also the movie The Great Wall came out on the 48th day after he won. 
Trump won the election on the anniversary of the announcement of the Berlin Wall coming down. Which is also Chris Jericho's bday who just turned 48 and on Kim's bday we got a story of him signing with the AEW just below..Trump addressing the nation. 
Also George HW Bush was the president when the Berlin Wall came down. 
The Mexican American War ended in 1848'. 
The Current Mexican president born on the day leaving 48 days in the year. 
Kim Jong Un=48
North Korea established in 48'. 
Trump won the biggest election upset since 1948 when Harry S. Truman won. He was the president during the Korean War. 
Just after Trump won we got the closest Super Moon since the year 1948...also we had the Indians lose the World Series just days before he was selected president. 
They haven't won a WS since 1948..
Also the same day Trump addressed the nation was when a Dr. found a tear in Washington Wizard John WALL's Achilles. He later ruptured it. I mentioned how Achilles was killed by PARIS and all the 227 stuff with France....because the 2nd Trump-Kim Summit began on 2/27. 

4/17 also the 107th day of the year which stands out because the original meeting on 6/12. 
Revelation 6:12
World War=48
Russia=48....remember how Russia Supposedly helped Trump win the election. 

Something I just noticed is that the meeting that was cut short on 2/28 is 163 days before 8/10....The first meeting on 6/12 was the 163rd day of the year. 
George Bush=163
Oddly enough today 4/17 is 138 days after Bush died. 
Bush died 227 days after his wife Barbara. 
227 the number important to France with August 10th...
Remember the Yellow Vests movement began because of price hikes in GAS...think about Bush..Oil....The same day he died we got the Alaskan Earthquake(Oil reserves)..I mentioned about a lot of this as John McCain died/Sarah Palin and so on....
I even pointed out how the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets played the Virginia Cavaliers on the day the Yellow Vests movement began...then the Cavaliers went on to win the they are connected to France as well....a Cavalier a follower of King Charles...Prince Charles wife Diana dies in France. 
Don't forget Jamal Khasgoggi was the cousin of Dodi Fayed who died with Princess Diana...then Khasgoggi died this year...Saudi Arabia...Oil....

Charles I married Henrietta Maria of FRANCE in front of the Notre Dame Cathedral in France by proxy. 
Charles I died age 48. 
Charles II=48
Prince Charles born in 48' which is why the closest Super Moon since 48' fell on his bday after Trump won the election. Then we got the earthquake on that same day in Christchurch, New Zealand. 
Since the marriage to Henrietta was by Proxy...Charles wasn't actually in attendance...they met in person on June 13th which is fitting considering June 13th is the day official demoliton of the Berlin Wall began. 
To make it even more interesting.....the French Revolution came to an end on 11/9/1799 which is exactly 190 years before the Berlin Wall coming down on 11/9/1989. 
King Charles=190

Interesting Prince Charles bday is 8 months 27 days before 8/10 too. 
827 the number important to Haile Selassie/Ethiopia...
8/10 being Rocky Colavito's bday connects the 624 in which "King Charles III"=624 and born 6 months 24 days after Elizabeth II's bday. 
8/10 is also 111 days after the 111th day in which Elizabeth was born. 9/11 leaving 111 days in the year....


  1. I take it you feel this is all organic and not contrived. Divine plan.

  2. 163 is the 38th prime. The North & South Korean border is 38°N. Moon = 38 hebrew ordinal. Moon Jae In. Someone recently mentioned the star Vega. Kim and Trump had a meeting at the Capella hotel named for the star which is a binary star. Anyways, Vega has a declination of 38°N. In the constellation Lyra. Darren O'Brien just did a nice decode on facebook about an Irish journalist named Lyra who was recently killed. I'll tag you.

  3. Lyra McKee = 150 reverse ordinal