Friday, April 26, 2019

Omaha Beach and the upcoming Kentucky Derby-The Big Bang Theory-Royal Family

The trainer of Omaha Beach is Richard Mandella. 
Richard Eugene Mandella=180
The Kentucky Derby comes 180 days after his bday. 
Horse Racing=180

His birthday also 213 days before the anniversary of the D-Day(Omaha Beach/Normandy)
Omaha Beach=213
It's also interesting it's 7 months 1 day..
Nebraska=71, 145
It's the 145th Kentucky Derby. 
2019 will be the 75th anniversary. 

Notice the Jockey is Mike Smith who won the Triple Crown with Justify last year. 
Notice his bday of August 10th..810. 

His bday is 65 days after the anniversary of D-Day...He was born in 65'. 
Horse=65, 38

It's also interesting that this year is the 75th anniversary..
Michael Earl Smith=75, 156
World War III=75, 156
Possibly nothing but want to note it. 
Michael Earl Smith=276...a number I have been following since the Big Bang Theory stuff on 3/28....which also sticks out as Justify was foaled on 3/28. 
Remember Penny on the Big Bang Theory is married to an Equestrian and she was a big piece to the 2 stories on 3/28. Penny on the show is from a small town outside of Omaha, Nebraska. 

The Kentucky Derby also falls 212 days before Penny's bday on the show. Remember 12 and 21 and 212 were really important to the Pi/73 riddle. 

Better yet, I see that Omaha Beach was foaled exactly 3 years 10 days before the Kentucky Derby.
I have mentioned the crap out of 310. 
Chuck Norris born on 3/10(73/Pi/Sheldon)
Plus it's also 1105 days...reminding us of the trainers bday of 11/05. 

All of the stuff I've mentioned before with the Royal Family and the syncs with horse racing/Big Bang Theory make me think Prince Harry's baby may be born on 5/4. 
Meghan Markle=54
Who knows the London Marathon riddle is interesting with this as well, but I bet there is something connected to the Royal Baby and the Kentucy Derby...especially with all the Charlotte symbolism I've been mentioning. 
King Charles=212(Franc Baconis)
5/4 to Prince Harry's bday is 134 days.
King Charles III=134
Maybe it's just showing us the significance of the Nascar All Star Race too..

I bet the 276th episode on 5/2(Charlotte) will be important to pay attention to as well. 


  1. Columbia South Carolina = 310 Francis Bacon

  2. Gray horses are in a 14 year drought winning Kentucky Derby. Not since Giacomo in 2005.Oddly, Grey's Anatomy star, Giacomo just got married in Italy. Roadster,Tacitus and Gray Magician are only grays in 2019.If a gray wins it will be only 9th time since WW2.Just based on history and marriage of Giacomo in Italy, I like Tacitus. Tacitus the man was born in Italy. Just a few tidbits that I noticed.