Sunday, April 21, 2019

I discovered the Info about France because of a person born on the 310th day-Cinco De Mayo-French Revolution

I was thinking about how I figured out the riddle with France today. I remembered I was seeing a theme with Oil and the Yellow Jackets movement...then around Christmas time The Tanster wanted to do an interview with me. When going to her channel I saw a ton of videos about Napoleon which made me look it up. 
We never did end up doing an interview/podcast and I'm pretty sure we aren't due to some conflict in what she wanted to discuss.(Zach)

So moral of the story, I was sitting here looking at the text messages again and I see she told me her bday was 4 days before mine...which is November 6th....
Or the 310th day of the year haha. I mean what are the odds? 
It's also the day that leaves 55 days in the year...
Napoleon died on 5/5 and the French Revolution began on 5/5. 
Cinco De Mayo=55..fitting it's on 5/5. 
Fifth of May=55
Cico De Mayo=107, 190
Cinco de Mayo is the celebration of Mexico's defeat of the French Empire at the Battle of Puebla too. 
Battle of Puebla=48, 138=Donald Trump
Battle of Puebla=190(FB) and 912(eng ext)

Remember in 2017 the big earthquake I was talking about in Mexico that happened on 9/19 was in Puebla too. 
The Earthquake was 55 Km south of Puebla. 

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  1. Great work! WE an definitely expect significant events from August through November 11.