Monday, April 15, 2019

Youtube mistakenly links Notre Dame Fire to 9/11 Attacks-August 10th-French Monarchy-Napoleon means Naples LION

I saw this story on my phone at work a few hours ago. How funny Youtube "mistakenly" links 9/11 information under videos about this fire. 
Thankfully BOTH TOWERS at the Notre Dame Cathedral are safe. 

The guy who started the construction of the Notre Dame Cathedral even died on 9/11. 
It's funny his name is Maurice de my post about George HW Bush and the Dog Sully I randomly mentioned the football team Notre Dame. It really had nothing to do with the rest of the post, I was just documenting a story I kept seeing about Garth Brooks playing at Notre Dame. 

The French Revolution came to an end on November 9th or 9/11. 

Remember this year on August 10th it will be the 227th anniversary of the fall of the French Monarchy...August 10th is also when Tisha B'Av begins. Tisha B'Av=911 and is in rememberance of the 2 Temples being destructed...Tisha B'av the 9th day of Av which is the 11th Civil Month on the Hebrew Calendar. 

Also in regards to this French CHURCH Fire...don't forget just a few weeks ago we got the Church Fire stories in Louisiana...think about Louisiana in regards to France too. 

This also comes just after former Notre Dame basketball coach John MacLeod dies age 81 and the Notre Dame women's basketball team lost in the championship game with 81 points. 
John MacLeod=811(Jewish)

I discovered a new 516 in all of this as well. 
Twin Towers=516(satanic)

I was thinking about France and NapoLEON. I knew Leon meant Lion so I wondered if Napoleon had that connection. The meaning of the name is not 100 percent certain, but numerous places say it means Naples, Lion...or a man from Naples. 

Notre Dame's last basketball game this year was on Pope Francis' annivesary the SPECTRUM Center at Charlotte. 

Golden Gate Bridge=135
The Key of David=135
So on...


  1. Wondering if we get the first African country to win the world cup. Tiger won the Masters 84 days before the final

  2. August 10 610 ad is the traditional date of Laylat al Quadr, when Mohammad began to receive the Qur'an. Thanks for the great work!