Thursday, April 4, 2019

Synchronicity with Duck Theme at my friend Cody's-Emilio Estevez on Jimmy Fallon-Saturday Night Live-810-Train-Aunts brother shot story on CNN-Bridge-Moon and more

At band practice last night we had to stop at 9pm because the basement is still not fixed after the flooding. It's too loud upstairs so we stopped at 9 instead of 10. Since it was early I figured I would stop at my friend Cody's house who lives a few blocks away before I went home. Anyway I always try to not talk about all of this stuff, but when the opportunity arises I take it. We were talking about whatever and then he mentioned the death of Nipsey Hussle and he like one of his songs. Then he started talking about the Dr. Sebi stuff and I told him yeah and of course his name equals 137 and he dies 137 days before his bday age 33. Also 137 is the 33rd prime and so opened up a can of worms and I just started talking about all types of stuff that has been going on recently. 
I also figured since it all started with Nipsey Hussle I would tell him about Stoneman Douglas and XXXTentacion which in turn I talked about the Drowning/Duck stuff. I told him everything I could remember about the Duck stuff and how it was synced to the Duck Boat Drowning and Goldberg the Goalie being arrested and so on...I then went in to the bathroom to pee before I left and I heard him yell something. When I came out I asked him what he said...he was weirded out and said. "NO WAY" because when I went to the bathroom he started watching TV and Emilio Estevez came out on Jimmy Fallon just as he looked at the TV. He was like you were telling me about the Duck theme and I look at the TV and The Mighty Ducks coach walks out on stage. He wasn't even the guest, he just made an appearance for Alec Baldwin's bday. 
Emilio Estevez=186
Molly Ringwald=186

Look at Jimmy Fallon's bday..
9/19 a date I've been saying to watch for especially this year considering it's the year 19'. 
James Thomas Fallon=262(francis bacon)...919 the 262nd day. 
Notice yesterday was 5 months 16 days before his bday..
Alec Baldwin=516(sum)
Anything that equals 86(ordinal) is also 516 in Sumerian. 
Porn Hack=86, 516(sum)
Remember how Zach was talking about Alex Jones who got censored on 8/6. 
8/6 is the 218th day...John Hughes writer of Pretty in Pink/with Duckie died on 8/6 and his last film called Drillbit Taylor in which the guy gets his PINKIE finger chopped off was the last film Goldberg the Goalie was in. 
Plus Hughes and Molly Ringwald born on 2/18. 

It's also interesting as the first time I mentioned 516 it was about the film "Step Brothers" with Will Ferrell....think about Jimmy Fallon, Will Ferrell, Alec Baldwin....all connected to Saturday Night Live....
Saturday Night Live=810(satanic)
I swear there has to be something with the film "A Night At the Roxbury" as well. Just the other day I was singing the "What is Love" song and was thinking about this movie. There's even a part where he talks about meeting Emilio Estevez..."And I was like EMILIO". 
A Night at the Roxbury=328(rev francis bacon)
Will Ferrell=328(rev franc baconis)
Step Brothers=328(Franc Baconis)

What else is awesome to me is that Cody was telling me about some new girls he was into and they both had the name Taylor...which was funny as his ex-girlfriend and his son's mom is named Tayler....
I'm talking about how the film Drillbit Taylor was really important to the Duck stuff....
I don't want to write it on here, but his ex-girlfriends full name in Gematria is "328"(Francis Bacon), 186(reverse), 

Plus Cody's favorite basketball player just so happens to be Zach Lavine and he just got a new Zach Lavine Chicago Bulls shirt in the mail that he showed me. He's a T-wolves fan which is why he started liking him...he's originally from the Sioux Falls area which also stands out to me with Philadelphia...Remember my Aunt's Brother who was the principal at Harrisburg High School in Sioux Falls got shot and made it on CNN back in 2015? I'll have to go back and reveiw that info as it was connected to Train wrecks/Harrisburg PA...Keystone...
-The Train was on the Keystone Service that ended in Harrisburg, PA. 
-Keystone is the closest town located to Mt. Rushmore
Harrisburg HS in in Lincoln County. 
My aunt and her brothers mother also lives in Vermont and we got a Vermont Trainwreck that year as well just after this shooting. 
The shooting was on 273rd street in "Sioux Falls South Dakota"=273 on the 273rd day of the year. 

I was talking about the Train in Back to the Future as well in regards to Back to the Future day being a few weeks later. Remember Marty arrives back on the Train tracks on a Red Bridge reminding us of the Golden Gate. 

Emilio Estevez turned 53 the same day as My Uncle Mike died and the Philadelphia Train Wreck....5/12/2015. 
Michael Patrick Murphy=310(reverse)
Mike Murphy=276(Francis Bacon)
This is why I know it's important. 
I always knew this would come up again because I could never find the connection to 166 with him out of the rest..
Kelly Murphy=166=Barney Murphy=Eugene Murphy
Before Clancy he was the only one that didn't have that connection and now I see it's because he's important in a different way. 
That Train Wreck important to the Harvest Moon and 9/23 in 2015. I didn't have a blog at the time of a lot of this info, but I made a ton of videos on it and it's in my notepad document. There was also the French Train Attack(Thalys) and the one guy from Roseburg, Oregon which is why we got the Roseburg Oregon shooting later that year. 
In 2015 Clancy's grandaughter named after my Grandma was born on 8/ Uncle Barney died 8 months 10 days before my grandma. My Grandma synced up to Chattanooga in which we just had a Bridge Collapse. 
My grandma born the same day as Kevin Garnett...and her husband Eugene died on 12/21. They were 7 years 7 months 7 days apart in age. 

Better yet my Aunts brother who was shot and made CNN...her husband(Wofat) is the only reason I even know who Kurtis Blow is lol. He also came into the gas station the other day and a kid I used to work with in Woodbine was in front of him. He asked me who that kid was and I told him his name is Curtis, but I don't know his last name...Then my Uncle said something about Kurtis Blow and started singing is my favorite sport. 
Kurtis Blow=202(Francis Bacon)

Remember my friend Cody was also connected to the birth of my son 1/17 that is all about Bridge symbolism. 
His bday is 6 months 24 days after 6/24 and 6 months 24 days before 8/10 which will be Rocky Colavito's 86th bday. 
Also Lou Boudreau died on 8/10 just before 9/11. 
Louis Boudreau=911
Lou Boudreau=135
My son is...
Zamien=585(Jewish)...the Earthquake number. 
Colavito got traded the same day 4/17 that my Uncle Clancy died..He died 6 months 24 days before my bday and 6 months 24 days after his mom(my grandma). It was Easter Sunday the year Colavito was traded and the same day the Indians played an Exhibition game at Russwood Park which burnt down later that night. It was connected to Holy Fires that they called the "Cleveland National Forest Fire" last year that began on 8/6. 
Remember they used "PINK" Fire Retardant on the fire as well. 
Rocky Colavito=624=Detroit Tigers=date they played last year. 
Grover Cleveland died on 6/24 in 1908..108 days before the Cubs last world series they won before over the Indians. 

The Indians even played the White Sox yesterday(4/3/2019) which is the team they played the day Rocky Colavito got traded. I see on 9/19 they play the Detroit Tigers..the team Colavito was traded too as well. 
4/3 to 9/19 is 169 days...
Rocky Colavito=169=Detroit Tigers

There is a riddle with Queen Elizabeth and "King Charles III"=624 as well. Especially with this year's Easter falling on Queen Elizabeth's 93rd birthday just after the "Pink Moon". 
Easter=135(Franc Baconis)

The Pink Moon coming 8 months 10 days after 8/10 as well. 
419 is the 81st prime number..
The Bridge number...

Donald Trump=190(Francis Bacon)
King Charles=190

Queen Mother=310(rev Franc Baconis)
Princess Margaret=186
Remember they both died just after 9/11/2001. 
Tisha B'Av=911

This weeks musical guest on SNL is Sara Bareilles who is friends with Maroon 5 from back in the day. Remember Maroon 5 played live in Philadelphia and covered Neil Young's Rockin in the Free World too. 

I'm interested to see who the guest is on SNL is on August 10th this year. 

There's also a partial lunar eclipse of Will Ferrell's bday this year...Notice that time and date asks me if it's visible in Harrisburg? as well.....I never searched for this in regards to Harrisburg is referring to Harrisburg, PA as well. It's a pretty specific place for the website to sync up to as well... especially considering I live in Iowa. 
Haha it made me type in the high school of the shooting I was referring too earlier in the post...
Harrisburg High School=810(Jewish), 117

I know it's unorganized but I'm just documenting a lot of info...My next child is due on 9/14 which is also the day of the Harvest Moon. I've been saying I think it will be born on 9/5 because it leaves 117 days in the year. 
Dan Behrendt=95
Daniel Edward Behrendt=95
Jasmine Marie Cowgill=117
Claire born 117 days before Jasmine's bday.
Zamien born on 1/17. 

Anyway I see that "Jasmine Marie Cowgill"=276(Francis Bacon)..remember she is connected to the Big Bang Theory and the only reason I ever started watching the show. 
Francis of Assisi died on October 3rd which is the 276th day of the year. 


  1. Plutonium is the 94th element on the periodic table

  2. Remember when I documented the Duck theme, and part of it was an SNL skit? When Will Ferrell played Dr. Phil