Sunday, April 21, 2019

God Bless America singer Kate Smith's Racist Past-Philadelphia-Duck

I clicked on this headline article about Kate Smith's racist past. The video that comes up is a guy talking about the Philadelphia Flyers....Notice the 310 in the article....also how they won 101 games where Smith sang the song. 
She sang it Live at the Spectrum and they went 3-1-0...

Kathryn Elizabeth Smith=101

The guy who wrote "God Bless America" even died age 101. 
Israel Beilin=61
God Bless America=61

Interesting we also got a story of Gavin DeGraw slip on the Ice before a Hockey game too. 

It reminds me of the Duck theme and Goldberg the Goalie..also the death of Ray not too long ago we got the story of the Racist Duckling candy...

I'll think about this tomorrow if I remember. I'm so tired it's not even funny. 
Thinking about Signature songs as well....I never posted about the Virginia Cavaliers being important because of their coach. Remember when he(Tony Bennett) collapsed in 2016 many people thought it was Tony Bennett the singer...his famous song was "I left my heart in San Francisco". 
Virginia really important to Earthquake/Philadelphia as the last biggest earthquake felt in Philadlephia was in Mineral, Virginia...


  1. Sri Lanka the big news today. No Surprise they have a Lion on their flag. Flag adopted May 22nd 1972. May 22nd everything to do with sirius and 666 months after the JFK assassination

  2. (May 22nd is the heliacal setting of Sirius)

  3. George Walker Bush = 255 francis bacon 255 reverse ordinal 737 Satanic

  4. The 3/10 plane crash of a 737 was 118 days before his birthday

  5. it was 94 days before Bush Sr's bday who died at 94 and all that.