Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Talladega Nights came out on 8/4-Kurt Busch and Jeff Gordon's bdays-Gay FRENCH Rival

I started looking at the film Talladega Nights and noticed an interesting thing. 
It released on 8/4....
This is Jeff Gordon's bday and also Kurt Busch's bday. 
Also interesting the Race on 8/4 is called "Go Bowling at the Glen". 
If you read my posts about 516 and the Big Bang Theory I even mentioned the bowling film "Alley CATS Strike"...

Also the guy Will Ferrell goes against in Talladega Nights is the gay FRENCH guy. 

The film is directed by "Adam McKay"=810(eng ext)

Also notice that Brenda Jackson died before Nascar races at Talladega on 4/28/19. 
The day of the London Marathon...which might be important to Jimmy Johnson being in the Boston Marathon story. Plus he was born on 9/17 that is connected to the Chelsea bombings/Minnesota Mall Stabbing. 

Talladega SuperSpeedway=1010(satanic)
Reminds me of Earnhardt Jr's. bday...
Also interesting Talladega is in LINCOLN, Alabama. 
The SAFER Barriers were created in LINCOLN, Nebraska. 

Plus in regards to WALL symbolism...remember how when Kyle Busch got injured he was replaced by David Ragan and Kurt Busch was replaced by Regan Smith...He couldn't race because his girlfriend domestic abuse suspension....
Bush's replaced by Reagans...After Bush replace Reagan the Berlin Wall came down. 

Reagan helped in the events leading up to the Wall coming down. Notice he even had a famous speech on George HW Bush's bday in 1987 about Tearing down the Wall. 

Talladega also known for multiple cars involved in a single crash known as "The Big One"....just reminds me of Earthquakes. 

Also Obama's bday is 8/4....

I'll have to rewatch this movie...I know I made a video a long time ago in which I talked about this film. 

Wonder Bread=811(eng ext)(Will Ferrell's Car)
In 2014 I talked about Joey Logano winning 2 of 3 races in which he was sponsored by CALL 811 which as the time I said was 88...11x8=88....everything about Logano was 8's and 88 at the time....
It's interesting because he won Nascar last year in 2018 and his nickname is "Sliced Bread". 
Logano also has a bday of 5/24 just like John C. Reilly. 
Logano also won the Daytona 500 in 2015. 

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