Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Luke Walton Sexual Assault Allegations-Spectrum-Random Sam Walton/Walton Gematria

This story comes 134 days after her bday. 
Luke Walton=134
What I'm most interested in with this story is that she worked for SPECTRUM SportNet. 
The Spectrum in Charlotte is important to the Spectrum in Philadelphia with the Earthquake/Michael Jordan symbolism. 
Plus it's important to Prince Charles..the Fresh Prince...
King Charles III=134
It's why Walton is now coaching the KINGS. 

It's funny too how Walton has the connection to the Blazers because of his father...the day after this story we got the Blazers knocking off OKC with Lillard's game winner. 
Plus the War of the Roses narrative with the Blazers back in November I was mentioning with LeBron possibly being injured because of the KING symbolism. 

Thinking about WALL Ton as well.

Off topic but it made me look up Sam Walton the founder of Walmart...WALL Mart...
Notice he was born on the 88th day of the year. 

Notice he died 88 days before the anniversary of founding Walmart haha. 
It's current headquarters are in "Bentonville, Arkansas"=88

He died 9 months 3 days after the anniversary of Walmart being founded. 
Samuel Moore Walton=93

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