Saturday, April 13, 2019

Baby Rosie expected to be a girl but was Intersex

I just went to CNN and had to document about this. I see the main story is about a family that thought their baby was going to be a girl but turned out to be Intersex. The babies name is Rosie? Before my son Zamien was born we were going to name him Rosie if he was a girl....then when my girlfriend got pregnant again she really really wanted another girl. Most likely we were going to stick with the name "Rosie". Anyway when we found out it was another boy, she joke about making him a girl when he was born..and I was like fuck that lol. 
So I just find it funny that this is a mainstream article now with the same name we were going to use. 

The disease is called "CAH"=69
Intersex Child=69

I just told my girlfriend about this story and she laughed as well, because she knows exactly what I'm talking about. 

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