Monday, April 15, 2019

Near Photo Finish at Boston Marathon-Ethiopian and a Kenyan-Boston Marathon-April 19th is 8/11 on Ethiopian Calendar-Passover-Ark of Covenant

The Boston Marathon has a near Photo Finish today as well. 
Of course it was between a Kenyan and an Ethiopian with the Kenyan winning. haha it's just great. 
Boston Marathon=227(FB)

The Ethiopian of course was the winner of the 2013 Boston Marathon in which we had the Boston Bombing. 
Lelisa Desisa Benti=114
Born on 1/14. 
Boston Marathon Bombing=114
Most recently won the New York Marathon on 11/4.
Makes more sense why the Red Sox just won the 114th World Series too.  

The winner of the Womens race was an Ethiopian. 

They also made sure to tell us that Nascar driver Jimmie Johnson was in the Marathon today. 
Jimmie Johnson=154
Today is 15/4...also Lincoln's 154th death anniversary. 
I find it interesting that Johnson's bday is 9/17 which is the day of the Chelsea bombing that I have mentioned in connection to this. 

Thinking back on 2013 the Red Sox were also synced to the Flight 214 plane crash going to San Francisco. It was 109 days before the 109th World Series and the Red Sox beat "Los Angeles"=109 with a score of 9-7 on the 97th day of the MLB Season. The Red Sox finished the season with 97 wins and then beat the 97 win Cardinals in the World Series. 
Sum Ting Wong=162=Major League Baseball=MLB which is why I thought it was connected. 
A bunch of other things as it was synced to Valentines Day/San Francisco as well. 

I'm wondering about 4/19 as if you recall the Boston Bombing happened on 4/15 but then was made huge again with the arrest in the boat on 4/19 in Watertown. Plus that's the day of the Pink Moon and so on..
It will be the 109th day of the year. 
Plus 4/19 on the gregorian calendar is 8/11/11 on the Ethiopian Calendar. or...11/8/11. What a perfect day ha!
So maybe watch for 4/18 as well being 8/10. 

Notice that 4/19 is also 114 days before 8/11. 

Passover also begins at Sunset on 4/19 which is really important. Passover is the celebration of Moses and God Freeing the Slaves. Think about Ethiopia supposedly having the Ark of the Covenant that contains the 2 stone Tablets of the 10 commandments. 
Plus all of this happening during the time of "Aries"=227(satanic)...which is the RAM. Which is why we got the death of that Fordham RAM student with a Clock. 
It being the 109th day of the year....Los Angeles=109...


  1. Hey Dan,
    Great video! James Paxton born on the 310th day...cheers. ....and going to be 31 this year.
    Love the Mayan calendar connection ............sweet!

  2. You have a great mind and be a genius to keep track of all this info Dan. Look forward to reading and listening to more of your work!

  3. Always fantastic videos of great detail.I like they way you do that in through story in a history listen of Gematria with the scripted news stories if events happening everyday. Don't Blink like that movie title,you will sleep and miss the important word!
    Holy Friday is coming up APril 27,2019 The Holy Fire in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem noted ritual of 2017 and 2018
    From and including: Monday, April 15, 2019 -The Notre Dame Cathedral fire
    To and including: Saturday, April 27, 2019 Holy Friday
    Result: 13 days
    It is 13 days from the start date to the end date, end date included.

  4. And Ivanka Trump currently in Addis Ababa. Something is brewing and it's not coffee!!!