Sunday, April 14, 2019

Nipsey Hussle's real name "Ermias" is Ethiopian meaning "Sent by God"-Haile Selassie overthrown on Anniversary of Battle of Marathon-Ethiopian Calendar 12/21/12

Look at this haha. Claire decided today that she wanted to have a Lion King Marathon. She doesn't know anything about the Lion theme I have been following, she just randomly wanted to watch them today. 
She used the word "Marathon" too, which is just hilarious to how it's connected. 

Earlier Johnny Bookay sent me a Facebook message about Uncle Jesse being Hermes and Nipsy Hussles real name "Ermias". I assume because it sounds similar to Hermes....anyway I looked up the meaning of "Ermias" and article says it's an ETHIOPIAN name that means "Sent by God". It's no doubt they are coding a ton of stuff to Ethiopia as it's a pretty rare name too. Article link

The article mentions Nipsey's father being from Eritrea which is a country to the north of Ethiopia. It's where the Kingdom of Aksum was located along with northern Ethiopia. Aksum is where the Ark of the Covenant is alleged to be and the home of the Queen of Sheba. 

Haile Selassie has a grandson named Ermias as well. The son of Haile Selassie's youngest child. 
Ermias Sahle Selassie...born on Trump's bday...

Something else I'm just now seeing is that "Ras Tafari"=811(Trigonal)....never used this cipher but worth noting in case it comes back up. 

I also wonder if I should check out the South Park episode with Starvin Marvin...I know it's a Thanksgiving episode too....Turkey....
Ras Tafari Makonnen=180
Golden Gate=180, 239...
He died on the 239th day of the year. 

Nipsey also born on the 227th day of the year...
Haile Selassie=227
8/10 the 227th anniversary of the fall of the French Monarchy and so on...
Nipsey died 7 months 4 days after 8/27...Think about Selassie and Jesus and 74. 

It's why "Marathon"=310 is important to the 3/10 Ethiopian Airline Crash. 

It makes even more sense that the Battle of Marathon is conventionally accepted to have happened on September 12th. This is the day that Haile Selassie was overthrown in 1974 as well...haha it's starting to make a lot more sense. 
Notice it's with the JULIAN Calendar too. 

That date is also interesting with my daughter Claire considering it's 12/9 and her name equals 129 too. 
She was born on 7/30 too so she is a LEO. 

Would you believe this? This year the Ethiopian Calendar New Years happens to fall on 9/12 on the Gregorian Calendar. 
Remember the LION Air was number 610 and the Ethiopian Airlines was number 302....610+302=912

The reason it's on 9/12 this year is because it always falls on this day before a Gregorian leap year...normally it falls on 9/11...

This means Haile Selassie died on the the 12th month 21st day of the Ethiopian Calendar in their year of 1967. 

With 9/12/19 being the start of the year 2012 for Ethiopia this makes me think of the Mayan Prophecy date of 12/21/12. This would be August 27th 2020 on the Gregorian something to think about. 


  1. Been following Jupiter. It went retrograde April 10th Trump's 811th day in office and comes out of retrograde on August 11th. They led us to believe that on April 10th we would see the milky ways black hole (the Golden Gate) but we got that of the distant Galaxy M87 instead. I believe this is because when Jupiter went retrograde it was within three degrees of the Golden Gate (black hole of the milky way) so it appears to be avoiding it. On November 19th Jupiter will finally pass in front of the Golden Gate which just so happens to be the air date of Starvin Marvin. 11/19/1997. 11/19 is 100 days after 8/11. April 10th is th 100th day.

  2. 9/12. No wonder I keep seeing 255

  3. It was kinda trippy. I was watching American Gods tonight and they introduced Thor for the first time. Thor is equivalent to Jupiter. They say he dies in Philadelphia in 1942 whatever that means.

  4. If you look at Selassie's birth chart and death chart you'll find he was born with his Jupiter at 24° and died with his Jupiter at 24°. 24° is Aries.