Sunday, April 7, 2019

Kofi Kingston beats Daniel Bryan-Security Guard with 827 on shirt

Wrestlemania opens with the girl Alexis hosting. Then right after Hulk Hogan makes an appearance. 
Today is 4 months 4 days before his bday. 
He got his revenge against Earthquake at Summer Slam and 2019 Summer Slam falls on his bday. 

Kofi Kingston just became the WWE Champion beating Daniel Bryan. What's funny is that I had no idea there is a craze for Kofi Kingston right now in the WWE. I don't watch it whatsover except for a few of the Pay Per Views such as WM and the Royal Rumble. 
After he won they kept making sure we saw the security guard behind him with 827 on his shirt. 
8/27 is important because it's the 239th day. 
Golden Gate=239
It's also the day that Mary Poppins came out and the day that Haile Selassie died. 
Today even 239 days after August 11th last year. 

Ha and I didn't realize this earlier...
Bob Marley=150
The Wailers=150
Kofi Kingston=150
Remember the Ben Franklin Bridge opened in honor of the 150th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence being signed. 
Lincoln, Nebraska=150
Think how the Bret Hart attacker was Zach Madsen who was from Lincoln, Nebraska. 
Queen Elizabeth=150

I see that yesterday was also 5 months 21 days before Zach Madsen's bday and 6 months 12 days after his bday. 
Revelation 6:12 and so on..


  1. Incredible Dan, great connection.

  2. Did a video on Durham N.C. today. It turned 150 years old. It's the Bull City. They have the Pleiades Star Cluster on their flag. The Pleiades are apart of Taurus. Taurus = 100 ordinal & 310 satanic. 4/10 the 100th day of the year.

  3. Today is 174 days to the start of World Series. "One hundred fifty" = 174 ordinal.

  4. Here it is. The Leo Virgo Cusp is at 150° in western zodiac and 174° in the IAU zodiac. That's the key I believe. Virgo Leo Cusp the sphinx. They showed us Messier 87 today which is appx in between Leo and Virgo. The Sphinx is considered as a representation of this cusp. Lions Body and Woman's head. Regulus the heart of the Lion moved into Virgo about 2011.