Sunday, April 28, 2019

Giants draft pick Corey Ballentine wounded in deadly shooting-Jamaica-Cliff

Some interesting things stick out to me right away when seeing this story. 
Corey Ballentine is from Jamaica...also he won the CLIFF Harris award. 
Possibly nothing but I do find it interesting the headline picture has him wearing a jersey that says "4 DB"...For DB(like my initials). 
Then he's from Jamaica(Rastafari) and wins the Cliff Award..
This comes on the day of the London Marathon as well. 
A Kenyan guy won it and...2nd place was an Ethiopian. Just like the Boston Marathon. 
Four DB=276(satanic)
This story being about the New York Giants makes me think of Jamaica/Queens New York that is located on Long Island in between the 516 area code and 914 area code. 

Jamaica Queens New York=310
Bobby pointed out it's been 408 years since Francis Bacon and the King James Bible...
Just thinking about Queens/Kings. 
Topeka, Kansas zipcodes begin with 666 as well. 

Corey Ballentine=70, 83
Notice Cliff Harris is currently 70 years old. 
Topeka, Kansas=70(where the shooting happened). 

He was the 180th pick of the draft but also Round 6 pick 7. 
Dwane Simmons=67

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