Friday, April 26, 2019

Trump approved $2 million payment to North Korea for for of Otto Warmbier

Two Million=52
Joseph Yun=52
Six=52(died 6 days later)

This story comes 55 days after the last time Otto was in the media again. 
Also 55 days before the annivesary of his death.
Notice the 1 month 25 days as well. 
North Korea=55, 125

Otto died on 6/19 which 619 is the 114th prime number. 
Kim Jong Un=114

This story comes the same day as the Kim-Putin Summit. 
Russia=48=Kim Jong Un=World War

Also Otto went to the University of Virginia..this story comes 17 days after Virginia wins the basketball tournament. Otto was in prison for 17 months and released in the year 17'. 


  1. Great work Dan, About your Lincoln Omaha Nebraska connection. There is a horse in the Kentucky Derby Called Omaha Beach.... look out for that next week and any insight.

  2. Notice someone in sports with the name Vladimir was in the news today. Remember upcoming Orthodox Easter, especially important in Russia. Another connection.