Thursday, April 11, 2019

Julian Assange arrested in London-Chelsea Manning-2016 Chelsea Bomb-Minnesota Mall Attack-Death of Nipsey Hussle and MARATHON-Premier League-Royal Family-310-810

Julian Assange=83
This story comes 83 days before his bday. 
Julian Paul Assange=276(reverse)...noting because it's been significant lately. 

I like his bday of 3/7 as well. 
Remember everything about Chelsea/Bradley Manning was with the number 17. 

This comes just 35 days(end date) after Chelsea Manning back in jail for contempt. 
Chelsea=35....Sentenced to 35 years. Commuted on 1+17+17=35
Remember how I said Nipsey Hussle's death was important to this story? It's not coincidence his funeral today is also big in the mainstream media. He was all about Marathon...and we got a story about Chelsea Manning in 2016 just before the Chelsea bombing along with the Trash Bombs at the 5K race....also the bombs found in Elizabeth, NJ which is where the bomber was from. 
Chelsea ELIZABETH Manning...
Chelsea MANning..
Chelsea, MANhattan. 
I mentioned how all of this was connected to Queen Assange is captured in London....Nipsey Hussle's wife was Lauren LONDON. 

They even started dating in 2013 and had a child just before the Chelsea bombings....2013 is important because the Chelsea bombing was a pressure cooker reminding us of the Boston Marathon the 5K race bomb that same day. 
Also that same day we got the Minnesota Mall Stabbing in St. Cloud, Minnesota. I talked about how the soccer team CHELSEA was the first to play a sporting event at US Bank Stadium. Chelsea plays in Stamford, Bridge....and the first ever Marathon in the United States was in Stamford, CT. 
This was also the same year that Prince died on Queen Elizabeth's bday. Think about the film CHARLIE St. Cloud. That film was even showing me the Cubs in the WS because his brother Sam dies in 2005(the year of the Tie). 
This was just after Gene Wilder died as well...known for CHARLIE and the Chocolate Factory...Wilder also from Stamford, CT...
Wilder was also important because he died listening to "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" by Ella Fitzgerald(black) Think about how Nipsey Hussle got his name from Nipsey Russle who portrayed the "Tin Man" in The Wiz(all black Wizard of Oz story)...

Think how Virginia just won the National Championship at US Bank Stadium too...Chelsea Manning is in jail in Virginia right now. 
The day after the Minnesota Mall stabbing the Vikings played the Packers at US Bank Stadium. The game was a tribute to the death of Prince and then the first TD was a pass from Rodgers to Nelson...Prince Rogers Nelson. 

Look at this too...Stamford Bridge(soccer arena) opened on April 28th 1877....This year the London Marathon also falls on April 28th. 

Remember the word "Marathon"=310(Jewish)
The Chelsea Soccer team established on 3/10. 

The first US Marathon even came to an end in WilliamsBRIDGE? 

Notice the Premier League of soccer began on 8/10 last year until May 12th 2019...
Premier League=810(sum)

Also don't forget the death of the Leicester owner in connection to 624 and WWE/Lion Air crash...
WWE headquarters in Stamford, CT as well. 
He died in the helicopter crash outside of their KING POWER stadium. 
King Power=811(eng ext)
Leicester won in 2016, just before the Cavs won the Finals...Leicester won because of the reburial of King Richard III who was the last King of the House of York. When he died the House of Tudor took over...The House of Tudor came to an end with Queen Elizabeth I who was replaced by King James of the House of Stuart. 
A Cavalier a follower of King Charles(Stuart). 
Notice the owner of Leicester also died on the anniversary of Philadelphia. Also now saying he might have been born on 6/5? 
Chelsea won the Premier League the year before and the year after Leicester won it as well. 

Remember too with all the Marathon stuff I also mentioned the exorcism in Earling, Iowa...The town originally called Marthan but changed due to another town being called Marathon. The girl who was possessed was from Marathon, Wisconsin....
Marathon, Wisconsin=810(satanic)
Emma Schmidt=310(Jewish)=Marathon(Jewish)
Anway I mentioned all of this with Exorcism's and then a few months later William Peter Blatty died. 
William Peter Blatty=223
Stamford, Connecticut=223
His bday of 1/7/1928 was exactly 223 days before the Exorcism in Earling, Iowa began on 8/18/1928. 

Interesting too that Assange captured at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London...
Notice Ecuador declared it's independence on 8/10. 

With 310 and the focus on Ethiopia, I wouldn't doubt in an Ethiopian wins the London Marathon this year. Since 2003 either a Kenyan or Ethiopian has won it as well. Think about that for a second....Kenya is where Hells Gate National Park is..which is where the Lion King is based off of...Obama said he was the Lion King and has Kenyan roots. Haile Selassie is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah born during Leo(Lion)...August 10th is World Lion Day. 
Just want to note before I end the post...
The Lion Air crash to the Ethiopian Air crash was 133 days. 
Ethiopia=133, 83
Haile Selassie I=133
Julian Assange=133, 83
Ecuador=133(Franc Baconis)
Haile Selassie=83 and died age 83. 
It also makes me think of the Cowardly Lion in the Wizard of Oz. 

It's funny just before work I saw this comment about 827. I keep forgetting about Acts 8:27 being the only mention of Ethiopia in the New Testament along with Selassie's death day of 8/27. 
So anyway I was at work thinking about why else 8/27 might be important a girl came in and wanted cigarettes. I wasn't going to ID her as I know she is over 18 but she already had it I looked at her bday...of course it was 8/27 and better yet her name is Haley....possibly nothing but reminds me of Haile. 
Interesting too that Ethiopia is mentioned in the Old Testament in Jeremiah...Something I had synchronicity with not too long ago in regards to the fall of Jerusalem. 


  1. 239th day right. May 29th is the 149th day that's the 35th prime. That's 52 days after Kofi won Wrestlemania 35. 239 the 52nd prime. 5/29 is also 1776 days before the 2nd Great American Eclipse. Ethiopian flag adopted on Halloween 1996 1776 days before 9/11/2001. May 29th would be the 35th presidents 102nd bday (JFK). Today is the 102 day of the year.

    I mentioned on your YouTube that maybe we should watch out for something with Cameroons President Paul Biya. I also mentioned the relationship between 150 and 174. These are the boundaries of Leo & Virgo in western and sidereal astrology. Paul Biya's nickname is the Sphinx. The Sphinx often depicted as having the head of a woman and body of a Lion. Just a theory but maybe we get something on one of these cusp days. August 23rd for the 150° (8/10 Julian) & September 16/17 for the 174 Sidereal Cusp. Cameroon will also be represented in the Women's World Cup this summer. Perhaps Biya gets a female successor.

  2. August 23rd is the "International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition" as well as the "European Day of Remembrance for Victims of Stalinism and Nazism"

    1. That Nazi Stalin day is called "Black Ribbon Day" in America & Canada. Sums to 624 Jewish. Black Ribbon = 219 Jewish