Thursday, May 2, 2019

Omaha Beach out of Kentucky Derby-Richard MANDELLA-Comment on my Mandela Effect Video-Time Travel-Halloween-FRANK

I had band practice earlier tonight and on the way home I caught the tail end of the Gematria Effect. When I started listening someone had called in about Omaha Beach being scratched from the Kentucky Derby...then Zach talked about the horse he thought would win is all synced up to the number "6" it not funny that Omaha Beach is about "D-Day" that was on 6/6? Then Jonathan called in and talked about how he wants to write a book, which is funny as not too long ago I started writing a book in regards to this information. It's not all about Gematria, but just this information and I'm going to include the sync stuff. I think more people around me will pick up on it, if I write a book about it. A bunch of people bought my old book "The Mindless Freaks" which was really just a book of thoughts/ I figure the same people will try and understand the knowledge I've gained in the last 12 years since writing that book. 

Anyway I am home now and I see I got an email about Omaha Beach being out of the Kentucky Derby along with a link....
Omaha Beach was really synced up to the Derby because of the Trainer "Richard MANDELLA"....
Now think about this for a second...
My recent blog posts have been about the comment I got on my MANDELA Effect video with Lynn/Lyle Swann haha. Now Omaha Beach drops out with the trainer named "MANDELLA"? 

I know this is important even more so, because one of the main blog posts in which I talked about the Mandela Effect was when watching Trump's Republican National Convention. He came out to the song "We Are the Champions" by Queen...when I listened to the song, It didn't say "Of the World" at the end in which I always remembered it doing. 
Tonight at band practice we added 3 new songs to our playlist. "Start Me Up"-Rolling Stones, "Loser"-Beck, and "Under Pressure"-Queen/David Bowie...
The first 2 songs went over pretty easy, but we had to practice Under Pressure a bunch of times as it wasn't sounding right. Somewhat hard to do with a 3 piece band, but eventually it started sounding good so we are adding it for Friday nights show....

So I know having to do this song so many times and it being stuck in my head for the drive home is important to turning on the Gematria effect hearing about Omaha Beach. He is synced up to MANDELLA and the Mandela Effect. 
Better yet is that..
Mandela Effect=95
Nelson Mandela died age 95. 
Dan Behrendt=95
Daniel Edward Behrendt=95
The band tonight was called "Sweet Nothing", but we also have an original band called "Punch Clock Martyrs"=95 and we recorded our first CD on 9/5. 
The only other posts I can think of that I mentioned the Mandela Effect were about the film "Hocus Pocus" and also Field of Dreams...which is interesting because I just mentioend Field of Dreams in my Jeopardy video. 

Also it can't be a coincidence that Richard Mandella was born on 11/5...
This is the Time Travel Day in Back to the Future and also in the film "Time Rider: The Adventures of Lyle/Lynn Swann". 

In my old notes I also mentioned the film "Time after Time" having a 11/5 Time Travel date.....notice this film stars Malcolm McDowell? He's the main guy in a Clockwork Orange that I just documented about as well. 
He's also in "Cat People" and "Halloween" which reminds me of the Mandela Effect I have with "Hocus Pocus" and the cat "Zachery/Thackery Binx". 
Plus the cat theme in general with Lions/Tigers...

It's funny how all my old info is being used and not too long ago I documented about how Time Travel might be important because you can understand the future by understanding the past. 
Notice it was my post about Garfield(Cat) and Becky KATsopolis too. 
Plus think about Lynn Swann being connected to Lori Loughlin through USC. 

Another thing is before I left I asked about the weekend of Halloween because my grandparents are having an anniversary party on 10/26/19. I got asked to DJ for it, but we normally play a house party on that weekend. I guess we aren't playing it this year, so I can DJ instead....Also we are starting "Under Pressure" off by me saying "Yo VIP, Let's Kick it"..because Vanilla Ice got famous off the beat....I just looked up Vanilla Ice and he was born on Halloween. 
Of course it's my favorite holiday too. 

It's also interesting that today is Wednesday and the first day of MAY....Freddie Mercury..Brian MAY...Wednesday is Odin's Day/Mercury's Day. 
Mercury the 88 day orbital period reminding me of Time Travel again. 

Think about MAYDAY in regards to Omaha Beach as well. 
Also I'm just now thinking about it...but think about Normandy Beach(Omaha Beach)....It's in Normandy, FRANCE....I'm thinking about the Cheers stuff and how it's connected to the CLIFF theme and my friend NORM.
The Normandy landings were even originally supposed to happen on 5/1 instead of 6/6....makes more sense why Omaha Beach is out today now too. 

Interesting Normandy's name comes from a treaty between King Charles III of France and the Viking much as I've mentioned the importance of King Charles III....

I also know that France is important because of the FRANKS....Remember how Alex Trebek replaced Lynn Swann on the gameshow "To Tell The Truth"...a long time ago I made a bunch of stuff about France/Frank/Frankenstein/Prometheus/Pope FRANCIS...
To be "Frank" is "To Tell the Truth". 
All of this was before I knew how Gematria synced to the news. I even mentioned Michael Fassbender who is in the film "Frank" and also the android in the film "Prometheus" not by coincidence. 

I have to get some sleep, but it's hard haha tonight has been just revelation after revelation to me. It seems that Wednesday night/Thursday mornings are the biggest for me in regards to syncs and understanding...I'm still baffled as to why completely, but they are the strongest times for me. 

Also when I got home, I turned on the TV and saw "The Day after Tomorrow" was on. I started watching it and was thinking about Jake Gyllenhaal is in Donnie Darko all before I even got on the computer. Remember in Donnie Darko(Time Travel) he gets guided by the Rabbit named "Frank". Yesterday at work me and my coworker were talking about Patrick Swayze randomly too. I told her about Donnie Darko, but didn't think anything of it until now. 

November 5th makes sense with Time Travel as well...
Saturn=511...the keeper of Time. 
10/26 is interesting as well because it's the day Trump released the JFK files...and my video about that was all about 144 in which 11/5 is 144 days after Trump's bday. 
Trump=88...the speed for Time Travel..
Really have to sleep..


  1. Where do u stand on the JFK Assassination in relation with the Mandela effect?
    Was it a 6 seater car or a 4 seater?
    Wikipedia tells me it was a 6 seater,which i find impossible to believe.
    Thought I'd leave a comment since I was thinking about publishing a post on the Mandela Effect.

  2. Halloween = 95 ordinal
    Sirius = 95 ordinal

    I've been seeing 50 a ton with date to dates. There was a Full Moon on Halloween 2001. 50 days after 9/11. There will be another Halloween Full Moon in 2020. The 19 year cycle n all

  3. Gray horses looking to end 14 yr drought at Kentucky Derby. Last gray to win was Giacomo in 2005 at 50 - 1.Would be 9th gray since WW2 to win. Giacomo from Grey's Anatomy just got married in Italy. Only 3 grays in this Derby. Roadster,Tacitus and Gray Magician. Tacitus (the person) was born in Italy among other interesting tidbits

  4. Dan, Im glad i can help in your decode quest. Ill keep you posted on any further potential syncros numerically. Your work is eye opening.

  5. You are a Scorpio. You must be very careful what you think as you attract that in your life. All Scorpios face this peril. Just thinking, yes, thinking causes things to happen that other people cannot cause with their minds. Be very careful what you are syncing up to.