Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Zach Lavine scores career High 41 points-Teen Wolf-Missing Lumberton, North Carolina girl

Derrick Rose scores 50 points and now we get the story of Zach Lavine scoring a career high 41 points? 
To make it even more fitting the former Teen Wolf scores 41 points 100 days before Lupercalia begins....Notice the Bulls won with 116 points too. 
Teen Wolf=100, 116(reverse)

Something I never noticed before but...
Chicago Bulls=413(Jewish)
San Francisco=413(Jewish)

Also remember how I've said Michael Jordan was important to the Lupercalia/Valentines stuff/Zach Lavine doing the Space Jam Dunk....we also just got this story on 11/5 of the 13 year old missing girl in Lumberton, NC. 
Remember Lumberton is where Michael Jordan's dad was murdered....Also where Tupac's mother was from. 
Notice this girl was at the ROSEwood Mobile Home park..
Amber Alert=41
13th prime is 41. 
Zach Lavine the 13th pick in the draft. 
Lavine's debut with the Bulls was on the 13th day of 2018. 

I've always thought it interesting too that his name is Zachary and he was born in Renton, Washington where my Uncle lives...Zach Lavine also went to High School in Bothell, Washington where Zachary Hubbard used to live. 
Renton and Bothell both in "King County"...

Look at that too...He was almost signed by the KINGS, but then the Bulls kept him....Then he started this season off scoring at least 30 points in the first 3 games becoming the 3rd Bull to do this...the others were Michael Jordan and Bob LOVE. 
Bob Love=116
Bull God=116

Waiting to see some stories about Andrew Wiggins and Russell Westbrook....or possibly Kevin Love....

Michael Jordan will also be 56 years old in 2019..
Kevin Garnett=56
Remember Garnett was traded back to the T-wolves in 2015 after the All Star Week..
His first game back was on the 56th day of the year...traded for "Thaddeus Young"=56
Think about Michael Jordan owning the Charlotte Hornets too..
Charlotte the female version of Charles....the Carolina's named in honor of King Charles..
Royal Family=56
Society of Jesus=56
King James Bible=56
Remember Charles Carroll III was the last of the 56 signers on the declaration of Independence to die and he died 56 years later....John Hancock died age 56. 
November 5th leaves 56 days in the year. 

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