Saturday, February 11, 2017

1114 Simpsons-Family Guy-South Park-Maude Flanders-166-Nick Jr. syncing up to my life tonight.

In the video I am uploading right now, I mentioned how the Family Guy Falconer episode was season 11 episode 14. 
I talked about Richard Dawkins being born on 3/26 and believes in "Evolution"=1114
Jack Finney=1114 and  died on 11/14. 
I talked about how I watched the Simpsons that aired the same day as the Falconer Family Guy episode and it had Richard Dawkins and then I watched Season 10 episode 12 of South Park that had Richard Dawkins right after that. 
Prince Charles born on 11/14..the 318th day. 
Anyway notice above Season 11 episode 14 of South Park came out on 11/14.
Season 11 episode 14 of the Simpsons is the episode they kill of Maude Flanders. 

Maggie Roswell the majority voice of Maude Flanders. Notice her bday of 11/14. 

She left the Simpsons after season 10 and came back for season 14? 
So quit before Season 11 and came back Season 14. 
She also wasn't the voice of Maude when they killed her, but she is the main person who voiced Maude. 

Notice too it says in her Credits...Starring and lists only 1 episode then says "Also Starring" and list's a bunch. 
She did voices of other characters in the Simpsons as well and she starred in the episode above. "Simpsoncalifragilisticexpiala(Annoyed Grunt)cious. 

The reason this episode sticks out is because it's the 166th episode of the Simpsons. 
Once again connecting to the death of my Uncle and more. 

Remember the 166th episode of Family Guy was followed by the Simpsons episode called "The Falcon and the Dohman". 

So as I'm sitting here I decided to look at the 166th episode of South Park. It's close to 11/14 but it's Season 11 epsiode 13. 
Anyway I was reading the plot and just as I was reading the part about "chasing a dragon" I noticed the TV said "Dragon". 

An episode of WallyKazam is playing on the TV and he is literally chasing a dragon on this episode. Just amazing. Earlier the show "Shimmer and Shine" was on and I was listening to my video I am uploading to see if I made any mistakes, but I said Zach just as the one of the characters on the TV said Zach. Never even paid attention to either of these shows, so I don't even know the characters or anything. 
Of Course the Red Dragon is mentioned in Revelation too. 


  1. Which Simpsons episode had Richard Dawkins?

    1. It's season 24 episode 15 called "Black Eyed Please".

    2. Thanks, because I'm trying to watch all these episodes. The 1114 family guy call girl Falconer episode has peters son builds a White House bird house and blood splatters all over it.

    3. South Park season 10 episode 12 was about waiting for the Nintendo wii. And now there is people waiting for the Nintendo switch.

  2. South Park 1114 guest stared Abe Lincoln and Kenny got shot. I took it as a Abe Lincoln assassination.