Saturday, March 30, 2019

Mary Poppins article on CNN about a man in TURKEY-Franc Baconis/Francis Bacon-Year of the Pig-France-The Umbrella Man/Montagraph/Mary Tofflemire 166

I've been gone most of the day, but I sit down and go to CNN and there is a story that invovles Mary Poppins? Notice the date in the video footage is 3-25 which is the same day I had synchronicity with Mary Poppins. 
Remember how in my post about Mary Poppins I mentioned the 166th episode of the Simpsons then I went on to look at Season 3 episode 10 that was involved with "Cheers". 
Just last night I made the video about The Big Bang Theory surpassing Cheers with 276 episodes...
The Big Bang Theory=166
Seventy Three=166

Something I never saw before was that...
Think about how we are in 2019....

Notice this story is about a man in TURKEY getting blown up in the air by an Umbrella. 
Remember how Turkey has been important.."Turkey"=310
Baron Munchausen has the connection to the Ottoman Empire(Turkey). 

Zenith left a comment in regards to the Franc Baconis cipher that I never really use. It is for sure important though in what I am currently talking about so I'm going to pay attention to it. 
I just want to point out that "France"=73(Francis Bacon) and 135(Jewish)
Mary Poppins=135
Kiss My Ass=135
Golden Gate Bridge=135
Strong Winds=135(above story)
Think how August 10th will be the 227th annivesary of the French Monarchy falling....22/7=3.14(pi)
Think about FRANCIS Bacon and FRANC Baconis in regards to France as well. the year of the PIG.....

166 was a number all around my Uncle's death but also connected to 9/11...and Montagraphs video where he said the number was 1-6-6 and I know he was talking about my info..and even did it 166 days after my bday on the 314th(pi) day. He did it on his "The Umbrella Man" channel...think about that in regards to Mary Poppins and this story. 
Remember the lady called into Zach's show talking about Montagraph trying to hurt her pet PIG as I was sitting by my daughters play Pet "Pigs"=166...
Just search Montagraph on the Blog and you will see many 166s. 
Gabriel=135...Zechariah, Daniel, Mary(Tofflemire). 

August Tenth=310(Franc Baconis)

Mary Poppins came out on 8/ the same date Haile Selassie died. 

August 10th is also the 186th day of the 2019 year of the Pig. 

While trying to find Mary Poppins online I found out there is a 2018 film called Mary Poppins Returns. Notice the girl who portrays Mary Poppins was also in the 2015 film "Sicario"....strange as I documented about "Sicario: Day of the Soldado" recently as well. 

I figured I'd go back and look at the Mary Tofflemire lady on Youtube and see if anything was new.....Notice how she changed her picture to what I'm assuming is her Pet PIG used to be the hands with "33" on it....I've wondered if this lady is legit and have always questioned this. I'm almost positive she called into the Gematria Effect for me to notice, just as I think many others have. It's all part of the Magic of it. 
I wish you could find out when it was changed as well, because It couldn't have been that long ago. I've looked her up in the past year and it wasn't a pig or else I would have documented about it. 

I want to look more, but I keep falling asleep. Hopefully tomorrow after work I can piece it together more. 


  1. Dude!! SevenOne just uploaded a video about pig symbolism yesterday and hear you are going on about Pigs. In my own research 166 struck me as a number associated with Islam. Anyways here's a link to SevenOne's video:

  2. Zach had his livestream hacked 2 years 15 days since his "omnihack" on 3/15/2017

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  4. He was talking about Alex Jones' so called "pyschosis" = 133 ordinal
    hacked 133 days before Tisha Bav