Friday, March 15, 2019

Gambino Crime Boss Francesco Cali shot outside of home on Pope Francis Anniversary-San Francisco Cali-Lion King

Notice his name in regards to San Francisco, California...
Francesco Cali.....
Gambino Crime Boss....
In regards to the Lion stuff...Childish Gambino is the actor portraying Simba on the upcoming Lion King in July 2019. Childish Gambino just won the Award for "This is America" that was connected to the Blackface stuff. 

I also just mentioned how the English Extended Cipher has seemed important latley. 
Frank Cali=210(eng ext)
San Francisco California=210

He dies on Pope Francis' 6th anniversary being the Pope. 
San Francisco and Pope Francis named after St. Francis of Assisi....FRANK. 
Think about him being Italian as well....The Pope...Rome, Italy. 
Golden Gate Bridge=135
The reason I mention this is because Frank Cali's bday is 3/26 which is the synaxis of Gabriel. 

He also dies 13 days before his bday on the 13th day of March. 
Pope Francis became Pope on 3/13/13. 
Mob Boss=41...the 13th prime number. 
Home-13, 41

Franceso Paolo Augusto Cali=133...dies on 13/3. 

Also interesting he dies age 53 and it was 53 days after Frank CALIendo's bday. Also 1 month 22 days. 
San Francisco=122 located on 122W. 
Pope Francis=122

This story also comes 6 months 12 days before Childish Gambino's bday. 
Revelation 6:12....the great Earthquake...

Staten Island=186...just documenting because of my recent posts. 


  1. 3/26 is Melania's 49th bday. it will also be the 33rd anniversary of Chernobyl.

  2. I was thinking the same regarding his name. From August 9, 2018 (3rd anniversary of Kali projected on the Empire State building) to March 13, 2019 = 216 days or 7 months 4 days or 30 weeks 6 days
    From March 13/19 to the 4th anniversary August 9/19 = 149 days (149 the 35th prime, catholic = 35). This August 9/19 is the 74th anniversary of the bombing of Nagasaki which is also 888 months, the "Jesus" code.