Saturday, October 7, 2017

Iowa State Vs Oklahoma game Flintstones reference Baker MAYfield

I just got home a bit ago. I came upstairs and turned on the TV. I didn't see much on, so I turned it to the Iowa State vs Oklahoma game. 
Just a few minutes after turning it on I thought I heard my girlfriend say "Dan". I even paused the TV and yelled downstairs but it wasn't her. I went back on the DVR and noticed they were showing a cheerleader and some girl yelled something that sounded to me like "Dan". 
I thought who knows no big deal and went back to reading about Gabriel Iglesias Wiki. 
Angel Gabriel=231(reverse)...Ralphie May dies 231 days after his bday of Cardiac Arrest....The Big Lebowski=231....
National Anthem=231(reverse)
Remember the pilot for the Flintstones was the "Flagstones"
Flag=166(satanic)....Flintsones aired 166 episodes and so on. 

So as I'm looking at wiki I hear the TV announcer talk about Baker Mayfield runnning in a TD looked like a Flintstones episode. Twinkle Toes and what not....
Look at my previous post about  Ralphie May....I talked about how the Flintstones are important to it. 
Baker MAYfield.....Ralphie MAY.....Reminds me of the MAYweather fight now. 
Mayday is also used as a distress call/emergency? Thinking about May Day...May 1st being the day the Bavarian Illuminati established too. 
I remember Zach's post about Chris Cornell dying under the May Sun and the Wizard of OZ connections. Emerald City....The May birthstone is also "Emerald". 

The Flagstones pilot shown on 5/1..1960. 
The Stone Cutters?
Theresa May?

Theresa May even turned 61 years old the same day as the Las Vegas shooting....

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