Thursday, March 14, 2019

Ethiopian Crash victim had a Premonition about the Flight-Final Destination

One of the family members had a premonition? Does that not remind you of the film "Final Destination"? 
Carol Karanja=42=Freemason
Karanja=133 on..

She was traveling from Canada to Kenya...
Just interesting as the film Final Destination stars Canadian actor Devon Sawa. 
Think about that film as well in regards to the things I continuously mention. The world has a design and he picked up on the patterns and cheated the design. It reminds me of the show Touch as well....The design is meant to happen, but he can make people Touch before it's meant to be. 


  1. figured I would just post this on your latest post. So we've been looking into Mercury a ton. I told a friend the old dealership commercials always said "Ford Lincoln Mercury" and they had the Alan Jackson cover of Mercury Blues. Mercury was at 44° the day Lincoln was shot. But what I really wanted to mentionis the guy who named the Golden Gate Strait: John C Fremont. He was a Union General and emancipated slaves 4 years before Lincoln's "Emancipation Proclamation". Only 12 days later on September 11th 1861 Lincoln denounced Fremont's decree to emancipate Missouri slaves