Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Rose McGowan says "be gentle" with Asia Argento-Marilyn Manson gets seduced by Jimmy Bennett's character in 2004 film "The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things"

What a ridiculous story. Rose McGowan back in the news right around the same time Marilyn Manson collapses on stage. 
She's standing up for Asia Argento a woman who was just accused of sexual assault of Jimmy Bennett.
Anyway notice how it say Bennett was in the film "The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things" with Argento? 

Look at how Marilyn Manson is in this film..also the details of what happens to him in this film....
He gets seduced by the character whose younger version is played by Jimmy Bennett. So Marilyn Manson gets seduced by an 11 year old boy dressed up as 
a girl? 
So once again reminding us of sexual assault and involving Marilyn Manson in the story line. 
Remember Rose McGowan's father was a leader in the cult the Children of God where they do a bunch of weird sex things as well. 

I just noticed McGowan and Argento are from Italy too, which sticks out in regards to the the Bridge Collapse the same day they brought out the Catholic Priests Sexual Abuse story in the media. Then we got a story a few days later about a kid Pope Francis kissed got rid of their cancer. I mean with the big stories of Sexual Abuse in the media, yet most people don't think twice about Pope Francis kissing a's just complete mocking with these stories coming out within days of each other. 

Be Gentle=70
Asia Argento=70

Also McGowan's first film was Encino Man....something I mentioned a while back in regards to Earthquakes. 
Thinking about the Drowning symbolism it's interesting in the film there is an earthquake while he's digging up his swimming pool. 

I also want to point out that in the Coma White Video Rose McGowan wears the PINK outfit like Jackie Kennedy. Think about her name as well..."Rose"....It Italian the word Pink is "Rosa" which comes from Rose. 

Also remember the video couldn't be released because of Columbine and Air Force One was originally called Columbine II. Also JFK Jr. died in a plane crash before this video came out...that plane crash was off the coast of Martha's Vineyard...where John Belushi is buried...where Bill Murray just threw the drink. 

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