Sunday, August 14, 2016

Brazil(Film) 9/11 predictive programming

I just watched the film "Brazil" like I said I would try and do. 
The film is reminds me a lot of the book 1984. A similar world at least, with super government control and a secret resistance. 

It's really funny how they make everyone scared of terrorists and there are bombings through out the movie. At one point the main characters girlfriend even asks him if he's actually ever met a terrorist lol. 

Notice this film says it begins at 8:49.  Or 11 minutes till 9. 
9/11 11/9. 

The story begins because a man named Archibald Buttle get mistakenly arrested and killed by the government. He is mistaken for Archibald Tuttle. 
How interesting he lives on 412 North Tower...Reminds me a lot of the World Trade Center North Tower. 
North Tower=57, 156
Archibald Tuttle=57, 156
The 156th prime number is 911
Scottish Rite=57
Thirty Three=156(Highest Degree)

The film came out in UK on 2/22 and is 2 hours 22 minutes long. 
142 minutes..

The 9/11 attacks lasted 1 hour 42 minutes. 

The guy they actually arrested and killed Archibald Buttle=138
Interesting I would watch this movie on 13/8. 

One other part I found interesting was in the beginning. Clock is stuck on 10:05 and then he hits it to change with the hands on the 5 and 11.
Saturn=511(Jewish) The Keeper of time. 

The movie even named after the song Aquarela do Brasil.
Aquarela do Brasil=156
Written in 1939. 
New York=39

1968 was the year 911 was made the emergency dialing Code. It was 33 years before 9/11/2001. 
Construction of the World Trade Center began in 1968.
Actually began on 6/8 of 1968. 
George Bush Graduated from Yale/Skull and bones in 1968. 
The north tower even got flown into by 33 year old Mohamed Atta who was born in 1968. 
Mohamed Mohamed el-Amir Awad el-Sayed Atta=138, 318

An interesting movie to say the least. Gonna try and watch the others now. 


  1. Interesting connections. Lot's of dates to decode.

  2. Speed of Saturn code..
    "Mohamed Mohamed el-Amir Awad el-Sayed Atta" in the English Reduction system equals 138
    Archibald Buttle in Simple Gematria Equals: 138

  3. Ah nice that makes a lot of sense. The 138th day is also 18/5. "Donald John Trump"=185 "Donald Trump"=138