Monday, December 5, 2016

Troll(1986 Film) Trolls(2016 Film)- Dallas Cowboys?/Chicago Cubs

I just watched the movie Troll from 1986. 
Interesting on Harry Potter Jr's wall he has 3 sports banners. 
The family moved to San Francisco, although it doesn't say where they came from. 
So the 49ers and the Giants seem to make sense. Notice the San Fran stuff is pointing down too. Possibly telling us they won't win? 

Interesting the other banner is the Dallas Cowboys who are having a good season, also they were a team I mentioned with the Nebraska/Sam Foltz stuff. Seems to be a lot connected to 1971. 

This movie also came out exactly 15 years after the Cowboys lost to the the Colts in SB 5. 

Later in the film they show the neighbor guy wearing a Cubs shirt. I mean why is he wearing a Cubs shirt when the movie takes place in San Francisco? 

The 1986 Cubs GM was DALLAS Green. He was also the first guy to fight for lights at Wrigley Stadium in which the Cubs got in 1988. 

Notice the other Trolls movie I previously mentioned came out on 10/8....
Cubs won for the first time in 108 years yada yada yada. 
It also came out in the US on 11/4. 
Cubs won WS with 114th win in their 114th season being called the Cubs and more...

While I'm on the topic of the Trolls, I also noticed that the guy who invented to original Troll Doll was born on 10/2. 
He also died in 1986...which is interesting considering the film Troll came out in 1986 too. Actually 6 days after he died.

He also died 102 days after his bday. 

Thomas Dam=31, 40, 94
Born on 10+2+19+09=40
Troll Dolls=40

Died on 1+11+19+86=117(like the date of the Troll Film?)

In regards to South Park which I mentioned in the previous post, the football stuff reminds me the episode Go Fund Yourself. 
This is the episode where the boys buy Washington Redskins which is fitting for the story they media has been using this year. 

The story ends after the Redskins play the Cowboys(Cowboys and Indians). 

This episode also had all of the owners of NFL teams up on the screen and they were missing the Buffalo Bills Owner. The reason was because Ralph Wilson had died earlier in the year and the Bills hadn't had an owner yet. Notice Donald Trump was in the bidding on being the new owner. 
Buffalo Bills=117
In August I kept mentioning a Ralph Theme and I even mentioned Ralph Wilson. I talked about the death of the Big Lebowski and how it was seemingly showing us the year 1991 when the Bills lost to the Giants in the Super Bowl. 
Isn't it funny though in 1992 the Bills lost to the Redskins and then lost in 93' and 94' to the Cowboys? 

The Chiefs were originally the Dallas Texans(AFL), and this year Super Bowl 51 is in Houston which is home to the Houston Texans. 
There was also a different Dallas Texans for 1 year in 1952. They were originally the Boston/New York Yanks. They folded and most of the players went on to the Baltimore Colts although the Colts don't claim the association. 

What's even funnier to me is the fact I noticed a lot of this on 12/4. 12/4 is Jeff Bridges(Lebowski) bday. 124 is a big number around Fat Comedians dying too and I even showed mentioned how Ralphie May might be sacrificed sometime in the next year. 

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  1. interesting - ties into the Vin Scully retirement at 88 from New York - brooklyn dodgers / also ... clippers in LA were originally Buffalo Braves