Monday, December 10, 2018

Steph Curry believes the Moon Landing is Fake

This story gave me a laugh. Remember in 2016 when I was talking about the Space theme and then John Glenn and Eugene Cernan died shortly after? In November of 2016 I was talking about Purdue University and the first and the last guys to walk on the moon attending there....Neil Armstrong was synced to Prince and the Cubs winning the World Series...Cernan was the last guy to walk on the moon. 
I pointed out that Cernan died the same day the Warriors beat the Cavs by 35 getting their 35th win of the season and bunch more. "NASA"=35....
Cernan's bday was Pi day just like Steph Curry's bday. 
Eugene Cernan Pi Day connections to 2017 NBA Finals
Steve Kerr Out-Pi Day-Cernan

Every year they do a Moon theme it seems in regards to the Warriors. I always think it's connected to the Rockets but it hasn't been so far. Notice tonight the Warriors play the T-wolves which is interesting because of the Full Wolf Moon that is coming up on 1/21. Notice the Lakers play the Warriors on 1/21. 
Think about a Wolf Howling at the Moon. 

Apollo Eleven=190(reverse)

I wonder if this story has any connection to the Purdue Clock that fell a few weeks ago? I remember reading this story thinking about the Moon stuff, but then I forgot to blog about it. 
Space=17, 44, 28, 91
Clock=17, 44, 28, 91

Today leaves 21 days in the year. 

This story comes 271 days after Steph Curry's bday. 
271 is the 58th prime number. 
The podcast was called "Winging It"=58
Eugene Cernan=58
Remember in 2017 the NBA Finals began 58 days before Nasa's anniversary and Nasa was in it's 58th year of being founded. 
Nasa established in the year 58'. 

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