Sunday, December 16, 2018

Los Angeles Earthquake on 4/5 that shook Eagles Nest-Eagles vs Rams on SNF tonight

I recently mentioned all the stuff with 2015 and Chiefs/Eagles/Earthquakes.....I then pointed out this week in the NFL both the Eagles and Chiefs play a Los Angeles team. 

I'm just making this post as I am reminded of the Earthquake in Los Angeles on 4/5 that said to have shaken an Eagles Nest..this was just after the Eagles won the Super Bowl. 
This was the same day the Eagle named Challenger landed on James Paxton's head and more. 
Los Angeles=53, 161
161 important to PHI. 
Upcoming Super Bowl 53. 

Also interesting that earthquake was 8 months 11 days ago. 
8/11 a date we have been watching in regards to Earthquakes. 

If I had to guess I like the Rams or the Chiefs winning the Super Bowl this year only based on what I was talking about in 2015. Always more to learn though. 
Today is 49 days before SB 53. 

It's also interesting that the day before the Super Bowl we have the 
76ers playing Sacramento. 
The Kings used to be from Kansas City....
Philadlephia 76ers....KC Kings? 

I wonder too what type of news story we get on December 18th? 
18/12....considering all of the War of 1812 narrative this year. 

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